5 days to go, can't reach HO

We have been accepted for a sit, which is now 5 days away. Had initial contact with the HO and everything seemed good. Sent several messages to the HO in the last 2 weeks and have not received a reply. For other family reasons we need to be in the area where the sit is. Not sure what to do, I guess we will book a hotel. Any advice ?

Hello @MVG and I’m sorry to hear you are having problems contacting the owner. I have passed this over to membership services so that they can try and make contact on your behalf and advise, and I am also tagging @Lucy-Moderator who will be able to monitor this for you in the morning once she’s back online.

Have you already agreed arrangements for the arrival and handover in your prior messages? From the listing it appears that she is an active duty service member, so I’m wondering if she is unavailable for that reason? I know how worrying this is as we’ve also had a couple of last minute non-responses on run up to sits, but they both came back with apologies and reasons and all was good. Hopefully that will be the case here too. All the best, Vanessa

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Thanks for the response ! Unfortunately we did not work out any of the details of the stay, such as handover, address, phone # … That is why I have been trying to make contact. I have decided to go ahead and book a hotel in the area. I have until 4/6 to cancel the hotel.
We had a very good email exchange and she seems like a very nice person, so I am hoping that nothing has happened to her and for some reason she is currently unavailable.

That sounds like a good backup plan.

I see this is only your second sit with THS so here are a couple of helpful tips for future sits. It’s good practice to get all the details of a house sit, and make all your arrival arrangements before accepting on the site … that’s what we do and we also ask for alternative methods of contact, email and phone numbers. It just avoids any last minute stressful moments like this :slight_smile: You’ll see here in the forum that many of us also organize video or phone chats before going ahead.

We also check or suggest owners use the Welcome Guide (even if they have their own notes to complement it) as this contains all this type of information, and they can share this with you prior to the start of the sit.

Hopefully all will go to plan and you’ll be able to cancel the hotel!


Vanessa Thanks very much for you help & input. We heard from the HO, apparently she had been locked out of her account. We are good to go and looking forward to our next sit.

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Excellent news and I know Angela helped with this too - glad you got a positive outcome and quickly!
Don’t forget to cancel your hotel :laughing: and please send us some pix of your sit once underway!!


Hi @MVG I am just logging in and saw that @Vanessa-Admin had tagged me to help. I am, however, delighted to see you have already heard back from the owner and that you are all set for your sit. Great news!

Have a great time


We always exchange contacts after the confirmation and set up a group on WhatsApp etc. for the upcoming pet sit. A lot of people don’t check their THS account regularly or have connected it to an Email that they don’t use often.