Sit lined up, can't reach homeowner!

I have had a sit lined up for several months, now as the date is getting closer (less than a month away), I’m trying to get in touch with the homeowner to confirm and coordinate, as I need to plan other travel around it. I have had no response and it’s been over a week. Unfortunately I don’t have phone number or email as it was all arranged on the platform (won’t make that mistake again!!!) No welcome guide, either, so can’t get contact info from there. I’m starting to get really nervous something has happened to the home owner, or they are flaking out or something (they did remove other earlier dates and they are a first time user). A week seems plenty of time to respond (she hasn’t even read the message). I can’t have my plans up in the air indefinitely (this sit is 13 hrs away from me !) Any suggestions on when exactly, I should panic, or when I can assume this is no longer moving forward?


I believe that THS has contact details. Maybe they can help you.

Hi @MojaveForever, please Direct Message me the sit details and message Membership Services who will be able to contact the member involved. You can reach them on or via online chat.

It is always advisable to exchange offsite contact details for a number of reasons, this being one, but also if for any reason you are unable to get on line to access your account.


@MojaveForever hope you have have you heard from the homeowner and exchanged phone numbers now .

Thank you - support is trying to locate homeowner still. If they don’t respond in another 48 hrs I was given the option to have them “unconfirm” the sit so I can move on. Being in limbo is no fun !


Hi @MojaveForever I hope you get in touch with the other members soon.

To any member reading this short thread, we cannot impress enough how important timely communication is, it could make the difference between losing a sitter/sit or not …

Feeling 100% confident in your choice and the arrangement is just as it should be but remember there are others involved who may have a host of things to arrange, staying connected and on top of arrangements is not only for your benefit but theirs also …

We have a very similar situation in progress, we have arrangements to make which cannot go ahead until we have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on our upcoming sit (in 7 days time) … we are still waiting.

If you haven’t shared offsite contact info and we suggest once the sit is confirmed that you do, It only takes minutes to log in, check messages and stay connected. This simply act helps builds trust, is considerate, respectful and is the opportunity to give any last minute minor updates and to confirm that everything is as it should be.


Just as a follow up to this situation-- support did reach out to the H.O. who didn’t respond for well over a week, and never did respond to support, but did finally message me responding to my request to have a phone conversation. We set up a time for them to call me, and they didn’t call. :worried:

At that point, I just decided to politely ask the homeowner to find another sitter, and unconfirm me from the sit. Which she didn’t do, although I sent instructions on how to do it, so support went in and did it for me. I just didn’t have any faith I could rely on this person to follow through and be communicative. First sit I’ve had to cancel, but I feel fully justified in my position, and support seemed to back me 100%. I was pleased with the support received via email.

It’s really too bad as it was a gorgeous property in an area I very much wanted to visit with adorable pets! And it’s too bad for the H.O. as they missed out on what would have probably been a great experience for them as well (not to toot my own horn). I just hope they have learned from this and will be more communicative with the next sitter! As for me, I have learned to NEVER accept a sit without a phone call or video call and to get contact info right away.


@MojaveForever I’m sorry you didn’t have a successful outcome, we are now in touch with our sit, the situation was caused by their own “internal” miscommunication …

As frustrating as it is sometimes there are matters at play that we cannot anticipate or know about. Communication is key, even if it is delivering an unexpected message at least it gives everyone options, awareness and time to make alternative plans.

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@MojaveForever I don’t think you cancelled this sit, they forced your hand. I say you cancelled zero.


Thank you, that’s how I feel about it too :slight_smile:

@MojaveForever thanks for the update .
I would have done exactly the same in your position.

Communication is probably the most important part of the sitter / per parent relationship.

What if there had been an emergency with the pets or a problem at the accommodation ? You need to be able to contact and get a timely response from the pet parents .

Sounds like you did the right thing by paying attention to these red flags despite the appeal of the location, home and pets . You also gave them plenty of opportunities to get in touch .Very glad to hear that member services gave you the support you needed.

I hope you find a replacement sit .