No response from sitter

Hi everyone.

We have a sit starting in a week, over the Christmas period, which was arranged months ago. I messaged the housesitter just over a week ago to check everything was ok, to give some more details and my contact phone number if there was an issue. I even released the pack for the sit :woman_facepalming:t3:

Three days on and haven’t read the message, so I sent another message today.

I’m not quite sure what to do. I want to ensure I don’t un-confirm the sitter when maybe they just haven’t read the message yet. They are coming from Spain and told me they had purchased flights when we first confirmed the sit. But, maybe something has happened to them. At what point do I try to find another sitter?

Thanks for advice.

Hi @jolerrs did you message them via the platform or have you also tried contacting them via WhatsApp or text message?

If you do not hear from them you can contact Membership Services via email at and ask them to try and contact the sitter for you and mark the email title as “Urgent”.

Do you have their phone number / e-mail or are you just using the THS platform to message them ?

Member services will have alternative contact numbers for them - you can do a live chat and ask to speak to a human - they will then try and help you reach the sitter.

All the best and please let us know the outcome .

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Thank you for your advice. Yes, good point THS should be able to contact the sitter.

I tried the chat earlier but it must be too early as only the bots were awake :joy: I’ll try again later.

@jolerrs , you have to tell the bots that you want to speak to a human

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Thanks Colin - tried that and they said they were busy! All good though. THS managed to get in touch with the sitter. They had trouble accessing the app.

Thanks for the help.


Thank you for the update @jolerrs and it’s good to hear contact has now been made

Great news @jolerrs - I trust you have now exchanged mobile numbers so that you can keep in contact via that during the sit rather than rely on the THS platform only .

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Let’s all not forget that we work with both humans AND technology. Last week my bank app was not allowing me access and telling me the bank website was down (generic, standard message). I got irritated with my bank after a few days of this. After a phone call, it turned out I needed to update my app and I hadn’t noticed…Having alternative ways to contact can be a life saver.


The biggest takeaway for both sitters and pet parents has to be to find a way to contact each other offsite as the App/inbox isn’t always dependendable.


Hello @jolerrs Thank you for updating the thread and I am so happy to hear that all is well with your sitter and Membership Services managed to contact them.

Thank you @Silversitters for providing the solution on the thread :slight_smile:

Now all is well, I will close the post. Thank you to everyone who helped the OP!