Owner not replying

Hello I’m new to posting… my HO has not confirmed w me what time to arrive and departure. I need to make travel arrangements since not driving. We actually have not spoken… she confirmed me w sit . She isn’t responding to my emails. She only has one review and no photos of profile

Welcome @Buckheadgirl - have you exchanged phone numbers ? Did you have a phone call or video chat before agreeing to sit ?

I am assuming from your post maybe not - you can contact member services who have alternative contact numbers for the home owner and they will reach out and try to contact them on your behalf.

To contact member services either use live chat and ask to speak to a human ( not the chat bot ) or e-mail:


if it’s urgent, write “URGENT “ in the title of your e-mail .

This seems to be happening all too frequently and was recently discussed on this thread

All the best and please let the forum know how you get on …

Also, I have sent a few chat messages to THS “help” … is this how we contact them if not emergency?. No one has responded. Ty

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Hi @Buckheadgirl and welcome. When is the sit due to start?

Owners are supposed to respond to messages within 72 if not earlier.
If you go to your Dashboard and scroll down is there a number for Urgent Support Line?
THS are very bad at responding to chat or email so I suggest you use that. All they will really do is try and email the owner who may then not respond.
You may want to consider cancelling the sit due to non-communication of the owner if they have not responded in several days as many sitters have found this to be a red flag for a potentially problematic sit.

Not till Dec 21… however I need to make travel reservations from ATL. We have not talked at all . She confirmed me fast. No pic on profile. Only 1 review… Most times it works out ok. But typically I talk to ho before confirmation

Also w the chat it only the bot… so I can’t find live chat

Please see my previous post :arrow_up:

Correct… it hasn’t been 72 hr. And sit isn’t until December… however I need to make reservations. First time not taking my car… I agree w the red flag statement. I always respond asap

Hi @Buckheadgirl , in the future, it is a good idea to have a phone or video call with the owner prior to confirming a sit. In addition to the owner’s phone number, ask them for their personal email address so you always have an alternative way of contacting them. Since the sit is not until December and they have already confirmed you as their sitter, they may not even be logging into the THS email app.

To access support via chat, go to the THS site and click on HELP. At the bottom of the page, click on CHAT. When you are taken to the chat bot, write, I need to speak with a live person. Repeat until you are connected with someone who can help you.

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Yes. Ty. I typically speak to someone before confirming. I was surprised and overzealous that she confirmed me so fast haha. I reached out via email to this and someone responded. She has my # on application but I don’t have any of her information. So this will respond to her. Its been less than 2 days… I always respond fast. Ty

@Buckheadgirl Please make sure you are officially booked for the sit. The process from beginning to end can be confusing for some. Look at your calendar and make sure the sit dates have a black line across them. If they do not, you are not officially booked and that might be a reason why someone doesn’t reply. Not a good reason, but it happens.

Also, before you book your flights, make sure you come to an agreement as to when (date/time) you are to arrive and depart. It’s something that you decide together, not something the owner demands and you just accept. Sometimes one day’s difference can make a significant difference in flight prices and so that can be explained and arrangements may be adjusted to be beneficial to you both. Remember it’s a conversation between two equals.

I also like to be assured that the owner’s travel plans are firm before I will book a flight. If they are flying, I want to know that their flights are booked before I’ll book mine.

Other than that, as for response times, some members (owners & sitters) are far slower than the 72 hrs TrustedHousesitters shows as necessary. I understand your urgency to book, but not everyone is as prompt as you might like. :roll_eyes:


Yes calendar is updated. Yes I’m waiting for travel information… weird!!! Other h/o respond fast