A conversation about insurance

I assumed as much and that’s why I would never have booked the premium membership.


You are way smarter and experienced than me :slight_smile: But I’ve got my case, now I know to never pay extra for fake insurances in my life

@Vered I am sorry to hear your sit was canceled last minute and your claim with THS was unsuccessful. Last minute cancelations are always super stressful.
I would love to hear more from the THS staff regarding this, since nowhere in the Terms and Conditions does it say that COVID related claims are excluded. We live in COVID times and one of the reasons most users are buying the premium pet sit insurance is to be protected in those situations and to have some certainty in these uncertain times, where they have made travel plans and arrangements for an upcoming pet sit. This could involve plane tickets, car rentals, and few other things… Hoping to hear more on this. We also had a sit canceled but not last minute, we decided not to file a claim since we are trying to find some other sit, however for last minute cancelations, I would hope to rely on the insurance.


Thank you so much for commenting!
Copy - paisting THS official answer:
"As the owner is cancelling due to Covid, I am afraid your sit cancellation insurance would not cover you in this situation.

Please take a look at the terms :
Sit Cancellation Terms - sitter | TrustedHousesitters.com"
They said it’s not covered due to: '11. When the sit is cancelled due to regulations set by the government of any country. (such as travel restrictions, enforced quarantining, area lockdowns)."

COVID cases aren’t covered, which is a total joke since we are living in that time that this is pretty the only reason someone can cancel. And even that in my case the sit wasn’t canceled because of any of these, it’s still isn’t covered somehow.

Unfortunately, if I only knew that they aren’t covered I wouldn’t pay for the premium subscription.

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Hi @Vered , thanks for posting.

I’m sorry that the sit cancellation insurance wasn’t able to help you in this instance. There is a clause under the “What’s Not Covered” section of the policy terms that states -
When the sit is cancelled due to regulations set by the government of any country. (such as travel restrictions, enforced quarantining, area lockdowns).

This clause includes cases where an owner is unable to travel due to contracting Covid-19.

I understand your frustration but we are bound by the policy terms set out by our insurance partners.

Although there are limitations, the policy has already helped many members who have found themselves with a sit cancelled at short notice. Thankfully these cancellations aren’t too common but when they do happen, the policy is able to step in and support in most cases.

Here’s a link to the Sit Cancellation Terms & Conditions for Sitters Terms

Thank you again for your feedback

So if I am interpreting this correctly, HO’s don’t have to give a reason and it sounds like it’s best that they don’t? I realize that each individual case is different but broadly speaking, what is considered a good reason for a HO to cancel a sitter?


Hi @Paul-Admin I think the terms and conditions could be improved to add more details, since the text your pasted could be interpreted very broadly. Adding something like “Any claims related to COVID-19 cancelations will not be honored” seems more fitting.

My understanding is that in @Vered’s case there were no destination travel restrictions, enforced quarantining, area lockdowns and the HO was not sick with COVID.


Good question. An official THS answer “I fully appreciate what you are saying, in that it is not actually the Owner who has contracted Covid, however this is ultimately the reason as to why the sit has been cancelled”
I think the only way to use that insurance it’s if the owner disappears or rudely canceling without explanations.


And of course, THS deleted my comments here :slight_smile:

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Oops I didn’t mean to heart that but can’t seem to undo it!

@Vered we understand your frustrations but to be clear, the comment you are referring to was removed and a DM sent to you explaining why. We do not delete any comments without a valid reason.

The Admin team reserve the right to remove any comments which are of an inflammatory nature, misleading or clearly untrue and in this case all three applied.

If you wish to discuss further please reply by DM to our Membership Services Manager.