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Has anyone ever ACTUALLY been reimbursed using the sit cancellation insurance? I recently had a homeowner cancel at the last minute (they unexpectedly had to put their dog down, a sad situation). According to all the guidelines and policy info I can find, I should qualify for a reimbursement on the hotel I had to book. I’m a premium member, it was last minute, I had no other options for lodging, etc. I submitted all my info and supporting documents via the ‘contact’ form but haven’t heard anything back yet.

I’m extremely wary of whether or not this company with actually reimburse me and I can’t find any examples online of people being in this situation. So just curious, has anyone successfully used the Cancellation Insurance, and if so, how long did it take to be reimbursed?

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Hi @porterg0. Welcome to the community forum.

The cancellation coverage is something that has been discussed in the forum in the past. Here’s a link to the most recent discussion. It includes details from one of our sitters who was reimbursed. I hope this helps!

@porterg0 We were successful in being reimbursed for 2 nights of hotel lodging after a sit cancellation last Fall. However, the process took more than 6 weeks. My recommendation is to keep contacting THS. Squeaky wheel . . .

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We had our two nights approved and are waiting for our money. It’s been a month now but I do believe it’s coming. We applied in July and there was no contact form so I’m not sure what you used - where did you find the form? We were just told to email them all the info.

I used the Submit a Request form found here:

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I’m glad to hear you were reimbursed! The lack of responsiveness and fact that the THS support phone number doesn’t actually work was not instilling a lot of confidence. This would have only been my second sit, so I don’t have much experience with the site yet.

Was the $50 insurance fee deducted from your reimbursement?


@porterg0 I’ve never tried to call them, just used the online contact form you linked to. If you don’t hear from anyone, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them again.

With both our claim last Fall and another recent one I’ve had the problem of being contacted by a THS rep, then they disappear. When I send another email I’m matched with a different rep saying that the person I was originally working with is out on holiday and they’ll be taking over. My current claim is now 3 weeks since submission and on its 3rd rep. Keep pushing!