Cancellation insurance claim

Hi everyone! Wondering if anyone has had to make a claim for a last-minute cancelled sit. HO cancelled 2 days before the sit, and so I booked an airbnb for the sit window and have submitted a claim. THS said someone from the insurance team would be in touch with me ‘shortly’ but wouldn’t be more specific than that. How long have others had to wait before a)hearing from the insurance team and b) receiving a payment? It’s a big chunk of change and so I’d love to know even roughly how long I’ll be waiting!
Thanks all!

If you use the search field you’ll find this has been discussed on the forum in the past on several occasions. I’ve searched and here is one such thread which should help you:

Don’t hold your breath as, like any insurance claim, it will take some time and you’ll need to persevere!

Make sure you look for a replacement sit first and save screenshots. Also make sure the Airbnb is within 20 miles of the sit.

Looks like that’s already done as claim submitted