HO claiming sit cancellation insurance

My sit is coming up in 5 days and the sitter just cancelled on me due to personal emergency situation. I do believe her-met her and her partner. Both were nice. Talked to the customer rep to initial sit cancellation insurance since now I have to hurry up and find boarding facilities for my pets. Have you had experience you can share to help the claim successful? I’ve sent in the screenshot of the communication so far to show she is the one cancellation. Policy says I need to allow the site to find alternative sitter? How do I do that? Really doubt anyone can be found this last minute with a long trip. Any advice is appreciated!

@copperic - so sorry to hear about the cancellation. To get things moving quickly I will tag in @Angela and also suggest you contact Membership Services and insist on speaking to a human who can help you with the insurance side of things.

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@copperic whilst the policy says you need to allow THS to find a sitter; in practice , member services do not actually help you find a sitter .

You could re-list in the last minute section of this forum. But I understand that with your trip starting in a few days you want to ensure that you have alternative arrangements in place and not leave it until the last minute.

Have you been able to speak to an actual person at member services as they are the ones who can give the best advice ?

If you go to Help section. live chat :speech_balloon: and ask to speak to a human( not the chatbot) they should help you through the insurance claim process. Be prepared for it to take a couple of months to get re-imbursed.

All the best.

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Relist your dates, try to find a sit in the next 24 hours. Simultaneously, go ahead and find an alternative locally. If after delisting and given how short your window is, I’m guessing you will end up going with a local option and taking advantage of the insurance but you have to show you’ve done your “due diligence”.


As others have said - relist your sit. Also post it in the Last Minute section of the forum. And when you make contact with THS support services, ask if they can ‘advertise’ your sit to members through their social media.

Fingers crossed!


Thank you! I did manage to chat with a person and he was more than hopeful. Understand that they couldn’t pre-approve the acmount to be used in boarding facility if I couldn’t find a sitter but I will do my due diligence! My senior dog prefers to stay at home than the boarding facility for sure!

Hi @copperic I’m so sorry to hear about the cancellation, thank you also to everyone for supporting … @Twitcher for the tag.

I see you have posted in the last minute sit category and we can share on our Social Media Channel we just need your permission. Please Direct Message me if you need more information about that.

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I hope you manage to find another sitter rather than having to kennel your pets. If you do need to use the insurance please report back as it would be good to hear how well it works in practice. I’ve seen some reports of the insurance from the sitter side but not the HO insurance.

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