Last minute cancellation


The HO cancelled on me this morning and I do not have a back up plan! My next sit isn’t until the 28th and I’ve been scrambling to find another sit or place with no luck. Wonder if others here can offer helpful suggestionson how to proceed? TIA!

Have you looked at all the open Christmas sits!

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Hi @bluet0917 sorry to hear this. Which country are you in?

Are you a fulltime sitter?

If, yes I hope you allways have a plan b and will be able to pay an airbnb for some few days.

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Hi there, I’m in the US.

There are hundreds of open sits un filled for Christmas. Have you asked the HO to cancel officially as that releases you and then get applying pronto :+1:t3:. If you have no luck and have premium membership then you should also be covered by insurance. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:t3: BTW was it a good reason for cancelling, as in for extraordinary circumstances? If not, please report the HO to support!


Oh my goodness how stressful. I’ve had 3 cancellations from pet parents this year and it was stressful but yours is so last minute. Do you by chance have the premium membership? If so, THS will reimburse a certain amount for hotels. Ever since the first pet parent cancelled on me, I had backups (mostly cabins/hotels that I could cancel within 14 days of the sit). Good luck

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That’s a great idea! Thank you for sharing! After this experience I’m considering the premium membership & curious if anyone here has it & finds it worth the extra $$?

We have it for the two free lounge passes (which are more than the difference in cost) and we always use them. We wanted the cancellation insurance (having been messed around on previous international sits) as a back up plan. Apparently it’s slow but does eventually pay out if all the Ts & Cs are met…. @bluet0917

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@bluet0917 great question which has been discussed previously on these threads

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Thank you @Silversitters !