Has Anyone Successfully Used Sit Cancellation Protection?

Hi everyone! I’m curious to learn if anyone has successfully utilized sit cancellation protection and received a refund. I recently faced a situation where my host cancelled the sit a week before the scheduled date. After reaching out to the THS team for assistance, I learned some key points about the cancellation policy:

1.	The policy is only applicable if you face an unavoidable financial loss due to the cancellation.
2.	If you need to arrange alternative accommodation, it should be within a 20-mile radius of the original sit location.
3.	All approved claims are subject to a $100 excess fee, which is usually deducted from the compensation provided.

I’ve learned that the requirements for claiming cancellation protection are quite stringent, which is understandable. However, this has led me to question the practicality and real-world application of this policy.

Has anyone here successfully navigated this process and received compensation? Any insights or details about your experience would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, I received compensation for a cancelled sit. There are couple threads on here somewhere about insurance.

Document everything. I contacted member services right away, then searched for other sits in the area. I saved screen shots of my sit searches showing nothing in the area for those dates and submitted the screen shots. Make sure the hotel you choose is within 20 miles of the sit, I got the impression they are very strict on that. I also took screen shots of my communications with the HOs regarding cancelling the sit. After my hotel stay was done and I had my receipt I submitted everything.

It took a while and involved many follow up emails on my part, but I did get reimbursed.


That’s good to hear! Thank you for sharing!

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I have- we had 2 instances where we submitted a claim and received reimbursement.

The first was when the family left early because of a work obligation and we were fortunate enough to coordinate with our local boarder. The second was when the sitter canceled on us last minute and we had to get someone locally to sit.

In both instances, we had to submit conversations/screenshots between the housesitters showing it was them who canceled, and also our receipts of payment for the other sitters. We also had a deductible- $75 or $100 that we first had to cover. The first instance was easy for reimbursement, and the second claim was approved, but took over 2 months to receive reimbursement.


It’s nice to hear that the host can get reimbursement if the sitter cancels. Even though it’s definitely not a good experience, at least there’s insurance coverage. Thank you for sharing :smiling_face:

@CatloverForever @systaran Thanks for sharing your experiences. Is there a link leading to the list of rules for reimbursement?

I almost had a canceled sit and only then realized some of the various rules to claim. I didn’t know you had to look for another sit in the area, which seems really problematic. What if the dates aren’t exactly the same? What if you were booked to sit a cat and there is a “replacement” sit with five dogs. That could be extremely problematic if you’re a teleworker.


@lou28 The T&Cs are here

you are correct there are a lot of exceptions that can’t be claimed for …

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@CatloverForever there was a previous thread about this


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@Silversitters beat me to it and has posted some links for you. Your question has been asked several times on the forum.
Before posting it’s a good idea to check in the search field.

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Thank you for your advice :smiling_face:

Thank you :smiling_face:

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The tems include this statement… What does this mean?

  1. Sitter Contribution

We expect sitters to contribute $100 towards any claim made against this Guarantee.

It’s the excess on the policy @Podcaster - the first $100 is on you and then there’s the claim. Same as all insurance policies


If your claim is for $1000 of hotel costs - $100 is deducted from the payment and you receive only $900

You always pay upfront and claim back ( with receipts ) it seems that it takes a couple of months to get the money back ( minus $100 ) .