Host cancelled sit three days before it starts

Hi everyone,
If a sit is cancelled by host within a few days of the sit, is sitter entitled to any benefit/money from THS? I’m sure I’m not, but I don’t really have a place to stay for the next couple of weeks. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks.

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That sucks - If you have the premium membership then yes but otherwise unfortunately no.

You should report the homeowner to THS unless they had an extenuating circumstance. That’s what many people on this forum advocate for when it’s the other way around.

I imagine if you are asking this question, you probably don’t have premium membership or you would probably know about the cancellation coverage feature, but just in case…

You can be reimbursed for accommodation expenses–meaning you would need to lay out costs and submit a claim-- up to a certain amount if a sit is cancelled with less than two weeks notice. There are certain conditions however, such as the accommodation needing to be within a certain distance from where the sit was to take place.

But other than that, THS cannot do anything for you. One of the most important things to realize about the site is at the core, they are a platform designed to connect people looking for a service with those willing to provide it, and at the end of the day, there is minimal involvement on their part in these exchanges. This means they can do little about many of the most common issues people are likely to encounter here, like a cancellation.

With so many listings and so many last minute sits being posted all over, hopefully you can find something else for at least part of the time. Sorry about the cancellation and good luck!

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if you have the premium benefit you may be entitled to up to 150$ a day for the duration of the sit. But you might have to provide receipts for your alternative accommodations

Thanks for the responses, and I figured (since I don’t have premium membership) that that was the deal. And it’s ok… I’ve found another sit, and all is ok. Was just curious. Good to know! Thanks again.


@Jcat33 - Glad to know that you have found another sit to replace the one that was cancelled …well done

For anyone in future that is reading this thread here is a link to the sit cancellation plan that Premium members have included in their membership

out of curiosity where was this location?
how hard was it to find a replacement?

Denver….lots of THS activity here, luckily!

And, I haven’t found replacement for the entire ten days yet, but I should be able to cobble a few sits together, plus a couple of nights at a friend’s house…

Luckily it wasn’t a far flung destination with not much else available!