Sitter requested money day before arrival!

We have just last minute had to cancel our sitter as they got in touch at 23:00 the night before they arrived to say they hadn’t booked their flight and could we send them money to pay for it.

We are going on 12 day holiday on Friday and now have no sitter. Be aware short of boosting our listing customer services can offer no other help or provide a refund.


Hey @timr that is stressful.
On the check list from THS, it should mention to always have a plan B…


Outrageous! Unacceptable behaviour. Hopefully you can find someone to help you as a last minute sitter. Good luck.


That is terrible! I am so sorry. Sitters like this are doing great damage to the entire THS community and the company. THS needs to figure out how to vet people and remove folks when necessary. May I ask, was this a new sitter? Did they have reviews? I am trying to understand how anyone would do this. At best it is manipulative. At worst, a scam.


I agree, it felt like a scam to me too.


Please REPORT THEM to THS. I’m sorry this happened to you, but hopefully they won’t be able to try to scam others through THS.


@timr I am really sorry to hear about this . I assume this is a new sitter not one with lots of previous reviews. How long ago did they confirm the sit ?

You can post a link to your sit in the lastminute section of this forum.

If you are a Premium member you will be covered by the Sit Cancellation Plan .
This plan provides up to $150 compensation per night to cover the cost of alternative pet care if the sitter cancels at the last minute .

You can raise a member dispute about this sitter so that THS will investigate this sitter
.TrustedHousesitters' Member Disputes Process |


Yes all reported and will let THS do their work and look into the sitter. They had plenty of good reviews and was booked 2 months ago.

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@timr As @Silversitters has said, do raise a dispute and not just go through regular communication channels with THS. Sitters are not allowed to request any payment.

So, these sitters were due to arrive, when? And you’re going on holiday tomorrow? Did you both communicate previously regarding their arrival times and how they’d travel from the airport etc?

You have to follow the official member dispute service for THS to investigate. Simply informing them of the cancellation is not enough.
THS will not take any further action -and may not even record it against the sitter - unless you raise a member dispute - they need evidence that the sitter cancelled or asked for money screen shots of your messages etc .

I understand that since your trip start tomorrow your priority right now is to find a replacement sitter - please post your listing in the last minute section of this forum .


Hi @timr

I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I had a quick check to see if there was anything I could do to help things along, and I can see that one of our Membership Services team has replied with next steps.

When you’ve got a moment it would be great if you could drop them a line, the agent has specified in their most recent contact that more support can be given, they just need some information confirmed by you.

I really hope you can get a sitter sorted out. Please keep us updated on how everything’s going.



@timr check your junk mail / spam folder sometimes e-mails from THS member support disappear into there .

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Nothing so have to go back on the customer chat

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Ask to speak to a human @timr


@timr This stunt sounds like extortion. Good job dumping them.

Yes, as others have written, do raise an official member dispute. That person needs to be booted off THS, not because they asked for financial assistance, but the How and When is strikingly suspect.


A plan B is all well and good but not easy if I had someone to step in last minute for my pets I wouldn’t need THS. I have no near family able to step in last minute
I wonder what other people have arranged for their plan B

Some paths that folks take: Paid sitting, rearrange travel plans, swap with others in similar circumstances, take pets on trips instead, have one partner stay behind, or not travel.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different, but ultimately that’s the reality of having pets — they’re ours to take care of, one way or another.

My husband and I have often moved to places where we had no ties or network, so we’ve always figured out what to do on our own. Paid care is typically the most reliable if done via an org that has multiple sitters or caregivers.


Agree with @HelloOutThere every pet person should 100% have a backup plan. I paid for all my pets care, unless exchanged with friends. Even with paid care I had backup plans.

There are options, but they are generally paid:
•Local companies or independent pet care. Can find doing a search or via neighborhood groups.
•National/International pet service organizations like Rover
•Local boarding facilities
•Vets typically have suggestions for pet care; often staff do so on the side
•Neighbors, wether paid or for exchange for care for their pets

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I will add to @lou28’s list:

Perhaps a co worker one is friendly with or networking at work

Is there family/friend one can coordinate travels plans

Check with local shelter as their staff may do or have leads.

Back up ths applicants with flexibility and willings should something fall thru ( I did this once with agreeable applicants…may happen with invited sitters)

I mean ultimately our pets are our responsibility, as is our home as well stated by @Maggie8K.

But yeah…having a sitter no matter what the reason cancel is a true bummer and PIA.

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If the sitter was booked two months ago, why would the sitter wait to request money for a flight a day prior to his / her arrival? By doing it this way, the sitter most likely felt like you would be backed into a corner and have no other choice but to pay for his/her flight.

You did the right thing and made the right choice of reporting the sitter to THS. This sitter should be suspended for trying to take advantage of you by asking for money to pay for his/her flight.

It makes one wonder if the sitter has done this to other HOs and is just repeating bad behavior. :thinking: