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I looked through the other questions, and still don’t see this specific question addressed. I upgraded to premium specifically because of the insurance. I would like to know if other owners have had experience using this due to a sitter cancelling. If so, how smoothly or not did the process go? Were there a lot of hoops to go through? Did you have to fight to get reimbursement? Thanks.

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This question has been discussed ad infinitum on the forum. If you do a search you’ll find some threads, but here’s one:

We upgraded also and then a sitter canceled! I spent a stressful 2 weeks asking many sitters to come to our home for the sit! i lucked out 2 weeks before as a sitter decided to come. I haven’t seen a good reason to upgrade when this happens because I still needed a sitter or I would have had to kennel my animals. However, I did not ask for help at the time from the trusted housesitters community so I still don’t know what would happen if I asked for help! I don’t understand the upgrade to get lounge previledges anywhere?

I guess I am not great at searching or I am using the wrong search terms. The search I did brought up a lot of posts about liability insurance, homeowners insurance, sitter insurance, cancellations in general, etc. It’s difficult to weed through all of that. The post you linked did address the topic more specifically, so thank you for that. Still hoping to find comments from an owner that actually used the sit cancellation insurance. Thanks.

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Here’s another link then: