Is premium membership worth the extra?

Has anyone tried both and upgraded to premium because the airport lounge passes and insurance make it worthwhile? We will probably take 8/10 flights this year. Also, are the passes for the member and HS partner or just member? Thanks everyone :ok_hand:

Not 100% sure about the number of passes but I think its just two. If you are flying international or a place were you would need to book a hotel if the sit gets canx. YES its definitely worth it. I’m a local sitter building my profile but next year I plan to do further a field and will be needing the canx insurance. Unless you take out a high end travel insurance that covers accommodation cancellation that is not paid accommodation.

For me yes it is worth it especially if

  1. Traveling a lot that year
  2. Doing or expecting to do multiple sits.

Have I used all the benefits yet no and hope not to aside from the lounge passes, which add to the travel benefits I already have via other sources being that I travel a lot.
It also adds a layer of “security” to the HOs who are also most often also premium members.
I find it instills confidence to them which is an unseen valuable benefit.


For me no. I travel with my own insurances and am very adaptable when things get cancelled. We weighed up what it would bring to us and our answer was nothing apart from the uncertainty if we were covered or not.
The one thing it does give which may help you get sits is a nice bold badge on your profile which indicates you are a Premium Member. Some members may be unaware this does not mean you are the “crème de La crème “ and think they are getting the best care possible for their pets and home. They might be but the badge does not guarantee that. I think it is very misleading for members.


Agreed. Just words left to personal interpretation. Similarly like becoming a member, or having a background check,
does not guarantee a trusted person.

Responsibility of choices are always our own personal comfort level

I am a premium member that has been sitting full-time for five years. I believe this membership is worth the cost though it is important to know the specifics of the insurance policy. For example, this insurance policy only covers you for cancellation if the owner cancels your sit fifteen days or less prior to the sit.