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Hi everyone. We are due to renew in a few days and I’m questioning whether the premium is truly worth it. Looking for feedback on the category you use and whether the premium has made sense for anyone (have you ever needed the added insurance this level provides, etc).

Given we are premium at the moment but have only used the service twice during the year I’m just not sure spending the extra money is necessary.

All feedback welcome and thank you!

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We are at the middle level (Standard) as both sitters and HOs and I feel no need to upgrade to Premium. The items I don’t get with Premium are sit cancellation insurance and the 2 global airport lounge passes. If we flew more than I would consider the upgrade but we only fly a couple of times a year so haven’t seen the benefit.

Lovely home btw, certainly an area we want to explore one of these days!

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Hello @Gravysgal and it’s nice to see you back posting on the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is another thread you may find useful

Hello there :wave: we were on standard and then upgraded to premium as we had three international cancellations within quite short succession (long story but all resolved) & it wasn’t that much more ($45 on Black Friday). We travel a lot & have booked the lounge passes in IST next week (which would have been $60 each) so it’s already worth it for us. Hopefully we won’t need the accommodation insurance but it’s there JIC. Hope that helps :+1: