Upgrade to Premium?

Trying to decide if an upgrade is worth it.

  1. We already have airport lounge access anyway……
  2. If a HO cancels a sit and that sit is local ie less than 2 hours drive from my home, does THS still pay out for accommodation in the area of the confirmed but cancelled sit? My thinking is no because the sitter simply goes home…. so what is the distance/travel time where the insurance kicks in please?
    As I’m only doing local sits (apart from Perth Australia when visiting our son and wife…so we’d simply decamp to their house.)

I just posted a brief tale about an owner cancelling 15 days before the sit (the insurance window starts at 14 days - if they’d cancelled 6 hrs later I would have been in the window ) so no cover. Plus based on previous threads getting the insurance to pay out is a bit of an ordeal that takes months. Plus the lounge passes are not super reliable - on a recent trip in the first airport I wasn’t able to choose which of the half a dozen lounges I would have access to and for the second airport the THS membership didn’t include any lounges (despite there being priority pass lounges at that airport- apparently with THS you actually only have access to some of the lounges in the network - not sure that they mention that anywhere). I won’t be renewing premium. I’ll just pay for lounges when I need them.

We have it and it’s been great just for the lounge passes but you already have those. Short answer is it’s probably not worth it @BonnyinBrighton - caveat being when there’s a Black Friday offer it’s only $45 to upgrade :thinking:

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Hi @BonnyinBrighton
Your question has been asked many times before on the forum. Before posting a question it’s a good idea to do a search. There are several posts but here’s one:

And another:

We upgrade for international petsit just in case of cancellations. Airport lounges not always available ie Iceland.

@BonnyinBrighton Don’t waste your money! According to the way you describe your sitting experience, and already having lounge passes, I would say you absolutely do not need to upgrade!. We have been members for 6 years on the basic level. We have lived nomadically (i.e no fixed abode) for over 12 years! But -in over 100 sits- we have never cancelled, or been cancelled on, and we never use airport lounges either, so upgrading for us is of absolutely no interest!
I think you’ve already answered your own question!
When we joined there was only one level (which we are still on) and everyone paid the same. This 3 tier program is just a marketing strategy imho. :joy:


Yes I found these threads but sometimes new experiences come to light and illuminate the issue in a different way due to recent ‘cases’. so I was particularly interested to know if I was missing anything….

Despite having used the lounge passes, they are not great lounges. We will be downgrading our dual premium membersip weve had for 3 years as it’s not really worth it.