Thinking of upgrading to premium membership

Does insurance coverage apply to sits already booked?

*Deleted as my information was incorrect

Thank you.

Really? Where does it say that?

@cawosey , apologies, I was mistaken, see @Oztravels follow -up post

hi guys i just joined a few min ago…i have not paid yet is it worth to do this job or not ? thank you btw i’m retired man in my late 50ies

Hi @miloud , Welcome to the group and to trusted housesitters.

You had no response because you posted within another thread so not many people have seen your question.

You will get a much better response by starting a new thread ( use the ‘NEW TOPIC’ button)

To answer your question, in my opinion, yes it is worth joining THS but be aware that sitters do not get paid so it is not a job in that sense of the word.


Not sure why the screen shot of the solution was hidden by the forum but basically the CS said the insurance included in premium membership is effective as long as it’s active before the sit starts.