How can I tell which sitters have Premium Memberships?

And therefore are insured against sit cancellation? The COVID situation in the US is really worrying me right now, and I’m concerned what will happen if it derails our international travel plans in 2 months.

When you look at the member profile, HO or sitter you will see a banner like this.

There is much that is uncertain at this time so if possible have alternative options in place.
As a sitter I have sits lined up and have very open dialog with HOs about both our plans and possible changes, stateside and abroad.

@jmech_pdx - I would let the sitter worry about that rather than worrying about it yourself. It is their responsibility to choose the membership tier that suits them best.
After researching the membership tiers we chose not to take the premium. We have had two cancellations this year, once in the UK and once in Spain. Obviously disappointing but not unexpected in these times so we just very easily found alternative accommodation - no harm done.


Agreed @Colin . I can’t see why the sitter’s membership level affects their ability to turn up at your house. It’s a bit like saying because I have car insurance I’m not going to crash.
I thought I read on another thread that there is a COVID exemption to cancellation claims which must negate 99% of them anyway. Hope you get your sitter and get away @jmech_pdx


I agree with the feedback you’ve had so far. I’ll add that you will hear of many homeowners now restricting their sitter searches to those closer to home, because of shifting conditions of this pandemic. We have already seen that, just when we think we’re seeing light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, forces outside of our control add a curve in the road. Although Plans B and C are now essential, forward thinking in avoiding great travel distance for chosen sitters is a built-in level of insurance. If you have not already chosen your sitters, I suggest you keep that in mind.

I also agree that there’s no need to be concerned about protections the sitter has if you cancel. They have the option to make that choice. If they’ve not done so, it shouldn’t impact your decision as they’re obviously willing to face the consequences.


I for one appreciate your asking because this to me indicates that you are making effort to be considerate of possible impact to the sitter and thus avoid or at least minimize more disappointments or negative situations.


As a sitter, I looked at the insurance and decided it was not of value to us since it is for accommodation only, there is no coverage unless it’s in the location of the original sit, nor if the cancellation is the result of government regulation, such as travel restrictions or lockdown. Though I appreciate your concern, I do not think insurance or member level should have any impact on your choice of sitter.


Yes but as Colin says cancellation owing to COVID is exempt

That is correct @Smiley
I simply answered the question that was asked.