COVID = Cancel. Apology to my Sitter!

I was all sit to leave for vacation, and THAT MORNING at 4:00 am I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I took 2 COVID tests and they were both positive. Feeling miserable, I had to cancel my travel and thus cancel the sit. I felt horrible for the house-sitter.

How are sitters protected in case of such an event?

As a Homeowner, I am a premium member and this affords me some insurance. But what about the other person?

Hi @Lisa_PB - here is the link to the cancellation insurance explanation - it will only have been applicable if your sitters had the premium membership

Somewhere in the forum we had this discussion that the THS insurance doesn’t cover anything Covid-19 related. Back then COVID-19 was considered a public emergency and was excluded from the coverage. I am wondering if is covered now, that the emergency is over.


Well the WHO said some time ago the pandemic has ended and testing for Covid is now limited, unless people work with vulnerable people. We just have to consider we might have it or the flu/cold and stay away from people. If I was ill now I would honour my sits but obviously tell the owner and keep my distance on handover.
If I had been sitting for you and been cancelled I would completely understand and try to find a last minute sit or book accommodation. I don’t have insurance cover. After 63 sits I’ve been cancelled only once, 2 weeks before the sit was to take place and because the dog died suddenly. I was able to get another sit. As a full time sitter currently I feel I save so much money on accommodation that I can afford to pay for a hotel room/Airbnb in such emergencies.
Nice of you to think of us :grin:


I hope you’re feeling better! Emergencies happen and honestly, we don’t know the person on the other side of the application. If they had a compromised immune system or a loved one they travel with who does… as for you, take it easy. Lots of self TLC helps heal.

I also had to cancel a sit but it was because my cat showed signs of being sick. My sitter lives locally and would be working half the week, 10 hour days. I did not feel comfortable leaving my cat like that. We went to the vet, got antibiotics and a nice injection that kicked in right away. She is hard to medicate (she writhes like a shark mid kill and then runs away and hides.) My sitter understood and all went on good terms.