Sit cancellation from pet owner's end

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I have a question about a sit being cancelled from the pet owner’s side of things. I was supposed to cat sit for someone in October, however, because of the hugely rising COVID numbers in the city they were planning to travel to, they had to cancel their trip and in turn cancel the pet sit. I know it says somewhere that to cancel a sit both members need to be in agreement and because it’s only a few hours away from where I live it hardly impacts me at all other than losing a really cool sit, so I have no issues with them cancelling due to COVID.

My question is in regards to the fact that it still shows the October sit in “My Upcoming House Sits” on my TrustedHousesitters Dashboard. It also shows that I am unavailable for the week on my Availability calendar, even though I’m now available. Can the pet/home owner “officially” cancel the sit from their end so that it shows I am no longer pet sitting during that week? Because I would like to start looking and applying for a pet sit during that now free time, but I don’t want it to show that I’m unavailable.

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Great question @courteney. We have had a sit shortened due to Covid & the HO said he was unable to change the dates on the sit.
We applied for another sit for the dates we would now be available & explained to the new HO. He booked us & THS flagged up that we should not be available but allowed us to accept the new sit.
It might be useful for sitters & HO to have some better knowledge how the site works for both sides


@courteney yes they can and just ask them to do that saying you cant apply for anything else until they do which they will be fine about…it happens alot so dont worry


Perfect, I will ask them, thank you! Do you know if it’s a simple thing for them to do, like if the “cancel” button is in an obvious place or if they’ll have to go searching for it?

Hi @courteney welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us. I’m sorry your sit is being cancelled, it’s the sign of the times at the moment in some places, in others it is getting more stable with travel being less disrupted.

It’s also great to see your positive attitude , although as you say

I’m sure you will have the chance to experience this cool sit in the future.

The owner can unconfirm you by going into their account dashboard

  • see Unconfirm Sit next to the dates, this will remove it from your dashboard and you will receive an automated email which says the owner has removed the sit …

Thank you again for joining our forum we have a very supportive and helpful community of members, both new and experienced who are willing to share their advice, suggestions and experiences.

Enjoy being here.

Angela and the Team


Hi Angela, thank you so much! Have a wonderful day!

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A HO had to cancel my sitting which was due to commence on 3rd October. This was due to a Covid breakout where he was travelling to. He was so apologetic and hopefully we will meet in the future.
He asked me how to carry this out on the dashboard and luckily, I found the above thread from @Angela and told him. He replied that he had looked at that but couldn’t believe how brutal the process was and thought there was a different process for our scenario. In any event he carried that out on the 28th September and I received the usual “Sorry you have been declined”
I have just received an email saying “Your sit is in 2 days” enclosing my preparation checklist. I would imagine my HO will receive a similar email which I am sure he will not be happy with.
What has gone wrong with this system? It was 3 days ago when the sitting was cancelled so surely it should have been removed from this automated email?


Thank you for this detail @Itchyfeet … what a shame the sit was cancelled.

@Therese-MembershipService will take this up with the CRM team, as you quite rightly say these are automated emails. Therese will email you when she is back online.

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Hi there All,

My question is about the sit being canceled by the owner but still showing active on my dashboard. I’ve requested they officially cancel the sit as I’m concerned about it showing up as a “no show’ if that’s a thing. I might be overly concerned but I’ve got a 5 star rating and don’t want a blemish. Thanks🙂

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Have they unconfirmed you as their sitter @TheGallivantingGrandma? …

I’m sorry….the sit is still sitting there with me as the confirmed sitter but sent a message 2 weeks ago canceling the sit

I will tag @Therese-MembershipService who will look into this for you when she is back online @TheGallivantingGrandma

Thank you so much

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@TheGallivantingGrandma I have DM’d you for some further details. Many thanks Therese


It’s still sitting out there. Do I have any cause for concern? Thanks

Hi @TheGallivantingGrandma there is no cause for concern as @Therese-MembershipService has this in hand, she will advise when she has an update.

Hi @TheGallivantingGrandma I have DM’d you for a few more details. Kind regards Therese

I responded. The email when I accepted this sit is this email address.

Hi @TheGallivantingGrandma please Direct Message the information to @Therese-MembershipService … we ask all members not to post any links or personal contact information on the forum.

Thank you

It does look like one of our upcoming confirmed sits is going to get canceled as the HO is no longer able to travel due to COVID illness in the family. We have couple of questions around this, since we’ve never had to deal with a cancelation.

  • If the HO unconfirms the sit, is that considered a canceled sit or do we need to also agree to the cancelation?

  • If we agree to HO’s cancelation does that disqualify us from using the pet sitter cancelation insurance? We do need to be in the area since we start a 2nd sit, shortly after the 1 sit and now we have to find a hotel or Airbnb.

  • Could we start applying for a new sits for these dates, or we can only do that after the cancelation by HO?

Thank you!