Do any sitters think upgrading is worth it?

Hello all,

We have had the basic plan for a few years now and I’m just wondering if those who upgraded to the more expensive plans (Standard or Premium) have been worth the investment and why.
We will be full time sitting most of Oct, Nov and Dec (with a secured sit all of Feb, March and half of April) and wondering if upgrading would be worth the investment. After April we will only be part time and occasional sitters.

Just wondering what your experience has been with the pricier memberships…worth it or no??

Hi @carpediem16. Another great question with so many different ways to look at which is the most appropriate. As an owner, we originally had just the basic service which we were able to receive many applications from sitters, but we decided to upgrade the next year for more exposure, more benefits, including 24 hour vet help, boosted profiles, liability insurance, etc. The premium upgrade gives even more benefits which include lounge passes (if you are traveling by air…with long layovers), and especially during this hard time of flight cancellations, delays, the sit cancellation insurance is quite beneficial. Each membership is easily well worth the yearly fee, but it just becomes a question of what you really need.

I wish you luck and know that whichever membership you decide to have, you will be happy with the outcome!

As sitters we did the pros and cons of upgrading and made a decision to stick with what we had. We have travel and health insurance. When we fly we look at all the stuff involved and book accordingly. And when (or if) pet owners cancel we are resourceful enough to make our own way.
Our membership cost is worth every penny. We treat THS as an introductory service, nothing more, nothing less.


For us all the value of premium membership is in the cancellation insurance and this hinges on whether your sits are located in places where you are comfortable paying for accommodation for the duration of the sit. We have ~10 sits planned in Europe for Jun-Dec this year, some were confirmed as early as Oct 2021…at this point 3 have been canceled or dates changed by the host, 1 during the sit when we were already settled in. We always respond kindly (understanding other people’s plans can change for many reasons and there is nothing we can do about it ultimately) and have been able to make other plans ourselves without too much loss, but since we are mainly traveling in “expensive to us” countries we recently upgraded our membership to include sitter cancellation insurance for peace of mind as lately experience has shown, a good chunk of confirmed sits will experience change, life has a way of staying surprising! :sweat_smile: though note the insurance only covers changes/cancellations by host within 2 weeks before the start date, plus other T&Cs.


We upgraded and feel it is worthwhile. We even had to take advantage of the insurance on our last trip and will use the lounge passes on our next trip.


How was the claim process? How long did it take and how were you paid? Thanks :slight_smile:

We’ve just been informed the money will be in our bank account within 7-10 days so I think it went well. We emailed the necessary documents to THS, they checked it over and we had to provide some extra info, then it got sent to the insurance company. About 3 1/2 weeks later that came back approved, and we provided banking info. Money to be deposited in 7-10 days. I"m quite happy with it all. Everything was done by email.

I wrote about it in more detail on another thread.

You do need to read the details about what and when things are covered. It’s quite specific, but our situation fell within the boundaries and we are able to get a short-notice sit for 4 of the 6 cancelled days.


I don’t know, yet! I upgraded to the sitter premium plan for the cancellation insurance. I’ve had a 3 week sit cancelled but have been able to fill in all but 2 nights. And the replacement sits are in London whereas the cancelled sit was in Dorset. I’m still looking for something in London for 7-9 Sept and may find a short term sit. And the cancellation was more than 2 weeks out. So how will that qualify for hotel reimbursement. At this point I was thinking to just use hotel free night points that I accumulated while I was working. Or I could pay and hope that I’ll be reimbursed.
The lounge passes are nice but I have access to SkyTeam lounges for international travel and Delta lounges when I fly in the US. Plus my Chase card give me full access to Priority Pass lounges - not the access where you still have to pay $29.
So would I renew the premium - not sure.