Questions & Feedback On The Tiered Memberships

About 3 days ago, @Katie-MembershipServices posted a thread headed New Tiered Memberships. This appeared under the topic titled “Favourites”

This is an important new development which may have been overlooked by members of the forum and I feel requires its own thread.

Katie states that this new tier system has been trialled based on feedback from owners and sitters.

My interpretation is as follows and I am happy to be corrected :

Home Owner tiers: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Basic - cost US$ 129 per annum
Standard - cost US$ 169 per annum
Premium - cost US$ 259 per annum

Home Owner/Sitter combined
Basic - US$ 189
Standard - US$ 229
Premium - US$ 319

My comments:
Basic no longer receives Home and Contents Protection - Recently on the Forum we were advised to put all our repeat sittings through the site to ensure it receives THS Insurance which will no longer be the case. (to be continued)

I think this insurance only benefits the HO apart from Accidental Damage caused by a sitter. So a sitter would feel justified in wanting to know if a HO has Basic or Standard Membership. Will the HO listing state what kind of membership the HO has?
Standard - “Boost your listing and get seen by even more sitters” How does this work? A sitter surely should be able to see all listings no matter what the HO pays?

Increase in price - are HOs happy with this large increase? Have any HOs on the Forum been involved in the trial?
Fees on other sites range from free for HOs to £50 per annum. Is there not a danger of losing members to other sites due to these hefty fees, especially HOs who only want one sitter a year?

Katie states that the trials are ongoing in respect of sitters so sitters cannot “upgrade” at the moment. Does “upgrade” mean an increase in price?

I would love to hear from members of the Forum and can @Katie-MembershipServices provide any responses to my questions? Thanks


New Tiered Memberships:

We have been trialling new membership tiers based on feedback from our members, for both owners and sitters. Originally we were testing this with new owners only, we have now moved on to new sitters. However, our members can upgrade from their current ‘Classic’ membership at any point through our Pricing Page

You can find out more about our Owner Tiered Memberships here

At this time we are not able to upgrade our current sitters to the new tiered plans as this is being trialled by our new members only. This will soon become available and you can choose to upgrade then if you prefer.

If you have any other questions let me know.


Hi @Lindsay.

This is quite new to the site, so not many know of this new benefit to a membership tier.
The owner will only see the sitter’s that favourite their listing, not what other listings they have favourited.

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Wow, this raises so many questions so perhaps @Katie-MembershipServices , we need a new thread.
My first question as a sitter is that the new Basic Membership will not include the Home and Contents Protection. As a sitter, I would want that to be in place. I would therefore not want to apply for a sitting with just Basic Membership.
Will the HO listing state what kind of membership the HO has?

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Hi @Phoebe, welcome to our community forum and for sharing your TrustedHousesitters story, a member since 2012… we have indeed evolved “a bit” thank you for being part of our amazing community, almost from the very beginning and we love the story you posted in “My first sitting experience”

Enjoy connecting with other members and thank you for joining in the conversation.

Angela & The Team

To be clear only owners in the top tier can see if you have favorited their listing.

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I have just created a new thread titled New Tiered Memberships. Angela has since amalgamated it with an old" Favourites" thread. The result is that my thread which covers 2 pages is now at the top of this thread but then followed by postings of over 3 days ago by @Provence , @worldtraveler, @Katie-MembershipServices
My concern is that new people coming to this thread will not be aware of my posting at the top as the dates are now out of sync.
May I ask anyone new to this thread to please read my comments right at the top of this thread in 2 pages (as it is long it took 2 pages)
I think that it is a very important topic and I really want everyone to read it and hopefully receive some comments

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Hi @Itchyfeet apologies for how this has amalgamated, it wasn’t meant to take any of the priority away from your post but to keep this very important conversation in one place, I will look at the positioning.

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what? good grief I had no idea there was a tiered membership well from what I see in cost I’ve got basic home owner. Also didn’t know there was insurance for damage or anything missing. for me because I like to meet the sitter @ least the day before to talk to them about my home & pets as I find it easier than the computer stuff. When you let someone in your home you’re hoping for the best outcome but accidents happen. oh well with covid in Canada & restrictions I’m on my second year with paying for a service I can’t use.

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please do some home owners small pensioners in mobile homes can’t really afford the extra cost but love the fact that someone that comes in will love & care for your pets as until I joined 3 yrs ago my poor babies were always so stressed I stopped visiting family now with housesitters I can see my sister again. of course with covid restriction in Canada I can’t but…when I can

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Oh jeez, I am one who skipped over “Favourites” because I couldn’t imagine it applied to an actual Membership issue, it just sounds like fluff.

With the standard membership the listings are boosted to where more sitters can see them. Huh? Are you saying that as a sitter I am not seeing all the opportunities??? I am not happy with that. How is it decided who gets to see which listings???

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Am not sure what mine is.
What if we don’t get any sits :thinking:
Our we paying for something that’s not required on other sites.
Think its another way to get money back on lost memberships
Because of Cov19

Maybe this helps, at least it explains/confirms some things.

Can you put sitters on as well please

Hi @848475 and all members in this conversation thread,

The new tiers been introduced to give members more options, if they choose to upgrade. Your current plan does not change in anyway, nothing is being taken away from members and you wont have to pay any extra unless you decide to upgrade.
The New Sitter Tiers are still in testing, members will be advised when the plans go live.

Hi @Shafofo
I think your plan at US$129 will be replaced by the new Basic plan which will no longer include Home and Contents Insurance

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@Windtalker I can’t sorry, I’m just a homeowner, this is my membership page.

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Hi @Windtalker
Sitters membership is being trialled and has not changed yet.
If you go into your settings, then Membership ,it will tell you how much yours is