Tiers for fears?

As our renewal is due next month and it has gone a bit quiet on the issue of membership, I would like to see if anyone has any further thoughts before we decide on our tier.

  • Have you selected a sit or sitter based on their tier level?

  • Are you thinking of upgrading or having upgraded this year, will you downgrade next year?

  • Anyone made a claim on the insurance policy and was it paid promptly?

Many thanks for any input from the great THS community.


Great question… watching this one closely.


Good question. I upgraded recently for several reasons.

  1. Many homeowners that I am interested in sitting for have upgraded. I feel that if they see this as valuable they will see that value in me.
  2. Having the premium member « label » on my profile demonstrates that I am committed and serious about what I do. Makes me stand out and be more desirable to desirable HO.
  3. Because I am full time professionnel home and pet sitter.

No fear here.


@Goodboyjakey no to all of those (I am a sitter)


@carpediem So am I and I think the questions are relevant for sitters and owners. I take it you are staying as a “classic” member so why is that?

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@Goodboyjakey thanks and i am staying as a ‘classic’ member for the following reasons

  1. I think if you have plenty of experience with good reviews especially where you have been back to a sit multiple times, this is what most HOs are looking for. Thats not to say a HO should rule out sitters just starting out and like alot of people have said we all start somewhere but I dont feel the need to upgrade based on ‘track record’
  2. Well cost is a factor of course and I try to keep costs down.
  3. I am very pro-active in checking listings as I am full-time with no permanent base. I think being pro-active trumps upgrading.
  4. Because my first consideration is to keep a roof over my head, I am very flexible in where I will travel to and within certain limits, what I will take on; again this to my mind trumps an upgrade.
    OBviously we all operate differently and I could see that upgrading works for some people and good luck to them when it does.

I do a good enough, a professional job, as a sitter without paying a whopping 100% extra for membership. I will be staying on ‘classic’. I would never need the lounge passes and I have my own insurance.

  1. I have not seen many sittings at the premium level and would not apply purely on that basis anyway

  2. No, same reasons as the previous responses

  3. I have not had reason to make any claim. Negative responses on Trustpilot over the past years have illustrated the difficulty in having a claim succeed

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I was hesitating to upgrade, I don’t give a damn (does it sound too rude ?) about airport lounges, as I’m sure I will be driving to next sits, but insurance was appealing.

In fact i scrutinized the insusurance clauses (see the thread written 25 days ago)

and am not very pleased with them(if a big damage is done by the sitter and the sitter refuses to say it’s his /her responsability, I guess we can’t go very far… no inventory is never made before, trust is essential)
I guess my own insurance could help me, I always ask my sitters if they have an insurance liability (i do suggest to show mine to owners when i am a sitter)

I prefered to talk to the vets, that’s why i upgrade a little, not sure I was right to leave the classic fee, I’m pretty sure it will be difficult to go backwards now

This is what i thought un august, but due to cancellations of sitters lately, for a sit which is due in our home at the end of september, I’m quite anxious about my next sitters who are confirmed for around xmas.
We have booked the hotel, the planes to go to Finland, so if we face a new cancellation it can be really hard to cancel our journey, we’ll loose (waste ?) a lot of money but I’m not sure to find another sitter or a pension (what I hate) for my dog so what ??

As a HO I never take any notice of what level of membership sitters have, in my opinion it is not relevant to my decision when considering applicants…


Is ‘premier membership’ something visible on the phone app and not the website on a computer? I don’t know what it is and have been a sitter at TH for 8 years. @Angela-CommunityManager

Hi @Lauraa we introduced tiered membership plans earlier this year, all members were emailed when this was launched. The plans are Classic, Standard and Premium with the Premium Membership shown on the profile and listings of members who upgrade to that tier. This blog post explains the tiers and all of the additional benefits

It has also been discussed here on the forum a number of times, you can find out more here Questions About The New Tiered Memberships - Previously Posted In Favourites Topic


We upgraded recently for fears of having a slew of COVID related cancellations and that cancelation insurance looked quite nice.

The caveat to that: you have to book your hotel in the same city of the cancelled sit.

So in our instance we were in Tucson on a Monday, found out that our sit in New Mexico (one state east, short flight) that was to start 4 days later cancelled.

In order to take advantage of that reimbursement for the hotel, we would have had to go to New Mexico and book a hotel there while looking for other options. And trust me when I say there are few options for house sits or hotels in this remote part of New Mexico.

So we cancelled the flights we had already booked and started scouring the site for nearby sits. We were lucky and found one an hours drive away and only needed an Airbnb for two nights.

But of course, we paid for those nights as they weren’t covered in the cancellation insurance.

I’m sure it’ll come in handy sometime. We’ve had 3 sits cancel on us in 1 month. (Be safe out there y’all!).

As for the airport lounges - you only get two passes every 12 months, so if you are traveling with a companion/partner, you can use it for one journey. So choose your lounge wisely!


Very important information regarding the insurance and conditions that I would hope would be upfront and visible before purchase.

Hi Rose information all tier benefits, including insurance is available on the website Help Section and the Blog. Additionally Membership Services will answer any questions members have

Thanks Angela, I thought that would be he case, but it seems some do not know the extent of the coverage.
We are not going this route as we have years of membership to use. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a home owner rather than a sitter, I tend to look at the reviews sitters get rather than any paid status they have. I also like to speak to them on the phone quite a few times to get a feel for them. Whenever possible, our dogs like to take potential sitters out for a walk and interview them to give me their recommendation before we select a sitter.

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Personally, I don’t like the tier levels. This is a great site but as a retired single person on a limited income, I feel that even the basic membership is pricey. I have great reviews and additional references from other sites that I use. That should be enough to let people know that I love doing this and am really good at taking care of pets and homes. The insurance would be nice but it’s just not affordable for me!


@ggads clever dogs!


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