Is TrustedHousesitters Value for money?

I am reconsidering renewing my membership as it doesnt seem to be worth the money. I havent managed to secure a sit in over a year and those I have applied for recently are innundated and don’t get back to me.

Nearly £100 for little return seems very steep

What is the experience of others


I am trying to decide whether this is a serious posting.

I have been a member of THS since 2017. I consider myself to be a full-time sitter, probably managing about 9 or 10 sits a year for around 10 months of the year, so at £10 a sit, I find it a very good value.

In the last year I have only done 1 sit, but as most of us are aware, the world has basically been closed for business for almost 18 months. Most people have been unable to leave their country, some unable to leave their city or town, some unable to leave their home.

Travel of any kind has been severely restricted across the world. But in the last few weeks in SOME countries, things are starting to look better, although it will probably be another year before things start to get anything close to back to normal.

THS has continued to support its members over this time, this forum being one of its new ideas, and I for one would have been very sorry to see the business fail due to members not continuing membership during a very difficult period.

Yes, I think it is value for money.


Like @Petermac I cannot believe this is a genuine post. He gives quite clearly the reasons sits have not taken place over the last 12 months, and I’ve just posted that the ads for England alone today number nearly 350. I sit only during school holidays ( I’m a teacher) but I have a lovely one later this week in Malmsbury and a super three days in Bath in July to look forward to. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to fit in lots of other sits in my long two month summer holiday. Plus I get to bring my own dog along.
Also, I have a two week return Florida sit due to take place in August. Obviously this is still in question unless transatlantic travel is allowed this summer.
However, I AM frustrated by those thoughtless HOs who have no manners to personally explain to an applicant that on this occasion they’ve not been suitable. This is especially so when I can see that I am one of fewer than THREE sitters who have applied! One of my applications last week wasn’t even read, yet I was rejected! Bizarre, and this practice shows incredibly poor manners.
But overall, in my opinion, the THS fee IS VFM, when you take into account the support and service it offers.


It was a genuine post because we are reconsidering things following the pandemic and due to need to renew next week. Of course we know how the world has changed but we were feeling a little dismayed by the problems trying to contact TH lately. Luckily we have now managed to talk to a real person and we are encouraged that our wonderful experience these past 5 years will hopefully continue. Thanks for replying and putting forward your thoughts.


Thank you @mistycat for posting your question and for the chat we have just had, I’m glad I was able to reassure you and help you decide to stay in our amazing community, having been part of it since 2015. There will be many more pet sitting adventures to come …

Every member will have different concerns and motivations behind the use of their membership, the forum can be the place where members connect to find help and support on every aspect of this authentic and very special lifestyle.

Pets, people & places we have it all.

Thank you @Petermac @LTD and every member for your positive contributions to the conversation. …


Hi @mistycat. Catching up with your other post/comments I can see that you have had some issues with THS recently, so sorry if I jumped in too quickly!!

Welcome to the Forum and I hope you continue to enjoy house sitting in the future.


For full time sitters is definitely value for money in this format. There is talk of changing the format and it’s a case of wait and see. I think everyone is frustrated this past year. We all know it has been necessary but the lack of travel has been a blow to us all. Hopefully it will get better as the world gets inoculated and borders open.
It’s a matter of patience at the moment and grabbing what you can. We can house sit in the UK now but most of the other countries are out of bounds. Good luck.

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Before recently joining THS we were funding our own travels - budgeting around £1000 Per month for accommodation. A few weeks ago we ‘invested’ £139 on THS membership- We already have 3 full months and a one-week sitting booked ( we had 4 months booked but one had to cancel due to illness) even with the cancellation, for us that is a saving of at least £3000 for our accommodations this year - Was the membership worth it? - 1000%


@mistycat Hello Misty, we have a house in need of a sitter in Philly in the US. Not sure if that is feasible or not but I’m actively looking for a sitter. If you wanted to apply we would be more then happy to connect

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When we were thinking of taking early retirement I budgeted a certain amount for holidays. We also wanted to look for alternative holidays and discovered pet sitting.
With the money we have saved on accommodation, we have treated ourselves and flown business class on long haul sittings.
So yes, we have had our value


I remember when I first signed up in Jan 2018, I wondered the same thing, within 8 weeks I had enough sittings to see me through the year pretty much… if you think that £100 is about 3 nights in a cheap hotel, just your first sitting will be instant payback for the year

It has been tough for sitters until recently but now things are on the move be patient!


Thank you to everybody for their comments about their experience of THS. We have been members since 2015, both as home owners and sitters. As a home owner we found THS good value in terms of getting a sitter to look after our beloved pet (recently over the Rainbow Bridge), as not only in her latter years she was more comfortable being looked after in her own home, the cost of cattery fees were significant.

As a sitter we have had the exprerience of travelling to various places in the UK to look after some very lovely pets and at the same time enjoyed sightseeing around the places we were sitting without the cost of paying for accommodation,

We agree that membership is good value, but with the recent pandemic I guess we all had to put house sitting on hold for a while. Hopefully, we’ve turned the corner and the availability of sits will continue to increase, both home and abroad.


Until Biden opens his borders, and until the US is placed on the UK ‘green list’, transatlantic travel for leisure purposes is not possible. I have several US sits now backed up!

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Since the Covid which burst early 2020, i had a couple of sitters to look after my puppy and cat (this one passed away since)

As a sitter myself i managed to sit once in England last summer and in France last december, this may and i 'il sit next june and september in my country again.
5 opportunities for my combined subscription. Yes it’s worth while…


I guess you could say I’m a little biased as an admin here on the forum, but I’m here in that capacity because of my passion for how TrustedHousesitters has changed our lives over the past decade, as both owners and then full-time sitters and nomadic travellers. We’ve benefitted in so many ways. The lifestyle, the value exchange, the people, the pets and all the countries of world we’ve been able to visit, have had positive effects on our way of living, in ways I’d never imagined possible. It’s hard to put a value on this and all the connections we’ve made as a result.

But on a purely practical level, even last year we managed 5 months of domestic sits, and this year we’ve been enjoying local sits in France, so for us it has still been of value. It’s been tougher and for some impossible, so like Angela says, people’s reasons for using this service are all different and we have to decide on what constitutes value in these individual situations. I’m glad you found the forum where hopefully we can all help you restore your confidence. Wishing you continued happy and successful sits as the world opens up more.


How do we say that ? A picture says it all ? Well this is a picture and comments of my daughter’s last experience on her Instagram. Thank you @BeckyG .


That picture really does say it all … wonderful @Brigitte !!


Oh, we miss those dear pups already! Thank you for posting this so I could view it, @Brigitte and thank you for introducing Ross and I to Gabby and Chris! We had a wonderful time in their beautiful home in Nashville and literally fell in love with Cheech, Huck, Fiona, and Pearl. Seeing their pics again warms my heart!


Thank you so much for sharing @Brigitte … a picture does indeed say a thousand words!!

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I guess we are sold to THS :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: