A sit without feedback

Long time [10+ yrs] TH & other site host here:
Please, please, post your feedback! Carers NEED to know if the sit is not as represented, they NEED to know if there are issues with the hosts, the location, the pets, etc. TH is based upon mutual trust between carers and hosts. Lack of tranparency / honesty degrades the site for all of us.


Hi Stephie:
Long time TH host here… From our experience, there could be a couple of issues:

  • Are they new hosts? Perhaps they need prompting to ask previous sitters for a review;
  • Are they old hosts? TH has in past [a few years back] had issues with old reviews disappearing when upgrading the site [I know as we’re one of those hosts who had this issue]

Can I suggest what we do? We ask our prospective carers to contact previous our carers before we agree a sit. Maybe you can ask same…

@menmrsj I hear you. And in an ideal world I would write feedback every time. But in reality its tricky. If something went wrong on the sit and I write my feedback first I risk a retaliatory review from the host. My hubby & I always work so hard for our 5* reviews I don’t want to take that risk. And if the host writes a great review first its hard then to write something negative (even though ofcourse they can respond on it) Twice we had challenges on sits which we dealt with at the time and only informed the host after getting our review- we wrote to them privately about the issues and both ignored us which we felt was disrespectful. We wanted to shield them from stress whilst on holiday but also protect ourselves from any retaliation and therefore wrote privately so they had an opportunity to apologize/explain/change something for next time. You are a host yourself- would you not prefer to receive negative feedback privately? Rather than suddenly see it on your profile page for ever?
Therefore sometimes I don’t write any feedback- and this is also a message to future sitters. There may be many other reasons why a sitter does not leave feed back but I always interprete it as a signal that the sit was not ideal in some way. And if a host has too many feedbacks missing I will skip that sit. Its a well known signal between sitters and will likely remain so until THS changes the review system.