Previous sits but no reviews

What does everyone think of housesits that had previous sitters but no one left a review? The one that I am referring to here has had 2 previous sitters. It is frustrating because I can’t reach out to the previous sitters without setting up a fake listing, but I really want to find out if the reason they didn’t leave feedback is because something went array. It is an overseas sit to a very far away place so I would like to make sure all is safe before arrival.

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Did those sitters write reviews for other sits they’ve done? If so, then that would point to that sit in particular likely being a bad one.

From what you described alone, I would skip that sit.

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I think people tend to write no reviews rather than good reviews for bad or mediocre sits because they are fearful of retribution. The new system will help though.

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It really would be good if we could reach out. I’ve had eight sits and have not left reviews for two. The first there were multiple problems, but the people were nice and I didn’t want to destroy their future changes. The second were difficult people and multiple people have not left reviews. So, I guess, from my experience, if the non-reviews are adding up, it points to something bigger.

Kaylarose - tell me more about the new system.

It’s like Airbnb so it is double blind. You see your sitter/home owner review only when the others has been posted or after the window closes.

This is sold advice! If they never leave reviews it could be just how they roll. But if they do usually then that’s a big red flag

Hi @Tgo53 you might want to have a look at the attached blog post which has more information on the new review system which is due out soon.

They do have a positive review as a housesitter!

Do you think if they only have 2 reviews with no feedback and only one of those people usually leaves reviews then that is a bad sign? @Junipers. Makes me nervous!

@kaylarose Did the owners leave reviews of the 2 sitters? Sometimes a sitter responds to that and not as separate feedback, especially if they are new. If the 2 sitters are relatively new they might not realise the importance of giving feedback to owners.

Does the review sound genuine? If you were to look through my reviews and read them twice you could probably tell which sits I wouldnt go back to!

If you’re nervous, check previous reviews that sitter left and how they tally with this one. But also trust your instinct. If things feel off, even if just to the extent that you don’t think you’ll have a great time, I’d just not apply and move on to the next sit.

It isnt always the case (my favourite sit to date I was worried about!) but bad feelings are often correct

EDIT: just re read and see that one of the sitters usually leaves reviews but not for this one. Hmmmm weigh up how much you want to go there versus how bad you think it could be? Tough call, I’d probably not apply. Or apply and ask why the previous sitters didnt review? As someone said - new homeowners and sitters might not realise

@kaylarose Check the dates of the sits to see if they were during pandemic lockdown. There were times when sits didn’t happen because of that but many still remain on listings. Owners have to ask to have them removed.

You also have the option to apply for the sit and if the owner shows interest, ask for a video chat. At the chat, ask them directly why there isn’t a review and then watch body language, tone and word choice, and follow your gut.

From reading listings (not forum comments) I get a sense that more owners and sitters are not being as diligent about providing reviews/feedback. It’s not always recent either. I have seen a sitter’s profile with 50+ sits and they have never left feedback but get many return sits.

I think reviews/feedback are just common courtesy, but sadly not everyone agrees or cares.

@Snowbird yes you are so correct yet again. I currently have three sits showing as completed with no reviews but these were all cancelled sits due to Covid lockdown.

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@ziggy, you can ask the HO to contact membership services to have the canceled sit removed. The way it is now is not helpful for the HO either. I’ve done this.

@mars thank you, I really must do that, I’ve just been so remiss but yes, it is not beneficial to either party. It is just so long ago now I have been reluctant to contact the homeowners. Hopefully they will do it.

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A shoutout to HOs who review quickly after sits.

Personally, I’ve had a HO who was in a terrible accident and had to shorten my sit and wrote me a review despite needing serious medical care. Another came back from a vacation and had to attend a funeral of someone close and still wrote me a review. Another returned from a hectic vacation and started a new job right away and wrote me a review.

Such folks know how to show appreciation. And when I looked at their reviews before applying, that was clear.


@temba, @kaylarose

As a homeowner out of 8 sitters I’ve had so far 1 new to THS sitter responded to my 5 * review instead of leaving a review.
Another sitter with 70 plus sits did the same. The seasoned sitter has never left a review for any of their sits even though there are mulitple repeat sits.

Sometimes the sitter leaves a review on Trustpilot as they are confused with the system.

I actually reached out to the two previous sitters and they both had great things to say! I suppose ya never know.

How did you do this? I didnt think it was possible for sitters to message each other