A suggestion re Badges

Many members have expressed concern regarding the implementation of badges, or rather, the impression given by having badges next to a name. My understanding is that it has been explained that the information regarding badges is available to members newly joining. But as a long time member the only information I can find is information I have had to search for. Would it be possible to have a “Badges Explained” tab at the bottom of the page along with other tabs? For instance in the same location as the Community Forum, US Ambassador tabs are?

Hi @liz are you referring to the new tier membership badge?

Hi Angela, yes those are the badges I was referring to. Are there other badges as well?

Hi Liz no that is the only badge.

Since the wording was changed to “Premium Membership” and not ‘member’ together with the explanatory emails regarding the tier membership options, members are now familiar with the badge and it’s positioning and of course if confusion did continue we would certainly clarify as this will also explain the different membership options.

Thank you.

Thank you Angela :-). Could you point me in the direction of the explanation of badges on the THS site? It must be staring me in the face but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks :slight_smile:

HI @liz the badge is explained in the membership plan … also there is a blog explaining the memberships

However there is no specific reference to the badge.

Thanks Angela :-). I never look at the member ship plan as due to referrals I have membership for several more months. I was unaware of the blog so will go and check that out. Given that explanation of the badges is only found in these locations would it not be an idea to have the explanation via a tab at the bottom of the page as I suggested earlier? I am guessing more for existing members, like myself, who might be unaware of how they work. TBH, if it weren’t for the forum I would never have realized that this new tiered system was even in place

Hi @liz when the tiers were launched all members were emailed and this included an explanatory blog both for sitters and owners on all of the benefits. These blog posts sit on the website, The badge is an indication that the member has chosen the Premium Membership

I spoke with @Katie-MembershipServices and we can look at having a short explanation put together and posted on the site.

thanks Angela :-), I think an explanation at an easily accessible location would be great! I get so many emails from THS every week, none of which want to go into my main INbox for whatever reason, that I could easily have missed the particular one regarding the changes to the site. Thank you for taking the time to look into this - I appreciate it.

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