Missing review/feedback? - look on Trustpilot!

UPDATE @Angela-HeadOfCommunity I have let them know, again, that this is still happening. I posted this message to support other members who have posted that their reviews and feedback have not been forthcoming to alert them to the fact it may well, inadvertently, been left elsewhere, as this may not have crossed their minds to check Trust Pilot and have it rectified. .

A while ago I reported to membership services that completed sit reviews/feedback are being left on Trustpilot rather than on profiles, so I suggest if you are waiting on yours, have a look as it might just be on there. If this is the case, flag it to Trust Pilot and let Membership on THS know.
I have done both (I flagged multiple reviews on Trust Pilot - a pain to do) and had a generic response from their Integrity Team, but nothing further. Sadly this is continuing to happen despite myself and other forum members doing the same.
Perhaps a moderator could update the forum as to what is being done to stop this?
Thank you.

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Hi @Daisy999 this is a subject which cannot be answered by any member of the Moderation Team and should be taken back to the Membership Services Team.

Thank you