Has anyone had a "Missing" Review

Last Saturday, 5th June, I received a review from a sitting which I finished on the 4th June. Then I realised that the number of reviews was exactly the same number before I received this latest review. Having then looked at my dashboard I noticed that my previous review from September 2020 had disappeared.
I know without any doubt that I received this review as I recall some of the comments in that I had followed Covid guidelines etc.
It is missing from both Website and App

Has this happened to anyone else?

@Katie-MembershipServices , I emailed Membership Services on the 5th June asking someone to investigate and reinstate my review. Apart from the auto acknowledgement, I have heard nothing. How do I chase this up?

I have now received an email from MS and have had the review re-instated.
It is not clear how THS had cancelled the review but it seems to have been human error.
Just something for members to be aware of.

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Hi @Itchyfeet thank you for clarifying, at this time we are not quite sure why or how this happened and it is being looked into.

I “lost” a few reviews once, but I think it was only on either the app or the browser version. When I checked the other, they were all there, so I didn’t worry about it.

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