Review Glitch?

I got home today & went to leave a review for the sitter. As soon as I logged on, there was a prompt to leave a review for her. I completed the review and hit the “submit review” button and nothing happened. I tried several times, but the submit button didn’t work.

I then refreshed the page and the review entirely disappeared. I went back to try to find it and could not. I sent a message to the help chatbot and it provided a link to leave a review. I clicked the link and all my past sitters showed up, including the most recent. But as soon as I clicked on that sitter, she disappeared entirely. I tried this a couple times and the same thing happened.

I went back to the chatbot & clicked the option that was closest to describing what happened, which is “sitter not listed” (or something similar.) The chatbot then asked if it has been over a day since the end of the sit, and when I clicked “no” it informed me that I can’t leave a review until it’s been a day after the sit.

I’m pretty sure I’ve left reviews - with almost every sit - on the day of my return, so that would be a change - plus, I got a prompt to leave a review for her, so that doesn’t make sense either.

It sounds odd @GardenCat , but for quite sometime now, the system does not let you post a review until the day after the last day of the sit.

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Thanks, mars. That’s good to know. It’s strange that I got a prompt to leave a review, and the system let me fill out the entire form (but not submit it.)

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Hi @GardenCat just to reassure you as @mars mentioned already, it’s always the day after the sit finishes that you can leave a review and not the day the sit actually ends.

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Thank you. There is a glitch in that I did get a notification to leave a review, and was able to complete the review - though not to actually submit it.

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Hi @GardenCat you are very welcome. I know you visited the Chatbot for help but did you email Membership Services to let them know that this happened? Their email address is

Thank you, Saox24. I did email Membership services, and got a response (the response was after I posted here, obv) that this is a known glitch in the system, and that they don’t know when it will be fixed.

Thank you for the update @GardenCat :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh my! Why would such a thing be difficult to fix?

And until then: THS could just send out the email a bit later!

Edit: and/or generate the prompt a bit later.


Actually, I have never even once gotten an email reminder to leave a review. I always have to go to the website and proactively do it. Yesterday, when I logged on, for the first time there was a notification right on my screen to leave a review.

There’s definitely a glitch. I got a prompt to write a review for a sit that ended yesterday, which I did, submitted it and it never showed up. I checked with the HO and same thing on her end. Seems TH is a glitchy site.

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Hi @hayhay123 just to clarify when leaving a review

@Samox24 The glitch is that the system sometimes asks for your review too early .

It then allows you to compose and type the review but then doesn’t let you submit ( or save until the day when it can be submitted)

So it does waste a lot of time if someone doesn’t know about the glitch and gets an e-mail prompting them to leave a review .

It’s been reported on this forum and to member services for several months now but still hasn’t been fixed .

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Hi @Silversitters thank you and yes I am aware that the glitch sometimes asks for the review too early but I just wanted to make sure that @hayhay123 is aware that they cannot leave a review until the day after the sit ends.

If anyone is experiencing this issue I would recommend for them to contact Membership Services by email at

@Samox24 You are just moving the responsibility to the user!

How is it possible that the THS computer people can reprogram the review system and not fix this known problem?

All this talk about forwarding… I think it is all going into the circular archive.

Hello, @pietkuip I’m sorry to hear that this is causing any frustration. I can see why it sometimes feels like the forum is the quickest channel to resolve issues. The forum team are always on hand to help as much as possible, but the forum was never intended to be a substitute for getting help via Membership Services.

That being said, we are always happy to pass on feedback to the relevant teams, which we have done and If we get any updates on this glitch or any other issues then we will make sure it is shared on the forum.

Thank you

It was already day after when we left reviews. they showed up this morning without anyone having to do anything. Just took about 24 hours to post after submission, so maybe that’s a new thing or maybe it was a one off glitch