Disappearing reviews issue under investigation

Hey everyone,
Just to let you know we’re aware that some members are experiencing disappearing reviews, we’re currently investigating and will let everyone know once it’s fixed. However it is likely this is only occurring when a sitter views their own reviews in their account, as so far we have seen no evidence to suggest a pet parents view is impacted. We will keep you all updated :slightly_smiling_face:

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@SophiaK welcome & thank you for the update on reviews that have “disappeared”

Is this bug related to the issue of sitters not being able to leave a review of a completed sit or is that a separate problem?

Thanks @SophiaK - I’m one of the afflicted. Tried the uninstall and reinstall and still no luck. Yes on website, no on app but members can see them all and so can support. Stranger and stranger thought Alice……:thinking:

Hi @Silversitters, we’re not aware of that as an issue. Could you kindly provide some more information & contact Membership Services please at support@trustedhousesitters.com so it can be looked into. Thank you!

Sorry you’re experiencing the issues, hopefully we can get to the bottom very soon of it & get it fixed!

@SophiaK it has been reported to member services already by @Sheila Sit not showing as completed

Thank you for letting me know! @Silversitters :grinning:

This is still an issue for our reviews, showing we have 5 instead of over 25. @SophiaK @Carla it’s now 7 weeks since the original message that THS are fixing this bug, what’s happening and why is it taking so long to fix?

@Crookie Great question, the bug was previously fixed and sadly has just reappeared, the tech team are aware and is working on another fix. When other members view your reviews they should see them all, it is just when you view your own profile/reviews. I hope that helps and this thread also explains more:

Hi @Carla just catching up with this thread. Any further updates? The issue is still present at the moment.

I wrote about what THS should do to fix it:

That should be incredibly easy to do.

@AHartyAdventure Happy to help, there were several threads started on this topic so the most recent update is this one

On this thread: New glitch on app - Reviews? - #33 by Carla_C