Old Reviews disappeared?

Where have all the Sitter Reviews disappeared to prior to August 2021?
We had sits going back to 2016 and they have all gone from our profile. Including some of our favourite reviews from previous sitters.
As a sitter too, I always go through every review that somebody has left before applying to a sit, these are really valuable.

@sand did you renew your membership since 2016 or have you just renewed now?

This is a known glitch. Most of mine disappeared but did eventually reappear.

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I can see your host reviews dating to 2017 by using the URL in your forum profile. There’s a known bug that makes some reviews disappear to the individual, but you can browse incognito / signed out and should be able to see them.

Oh interesting, who is going to bother to go incognito to see old reviews though when applying for sits?

No my membership has not renewed yet.

You don’t need to log out.

You just need to use the url that others use to look at your profile. So not the private preview (where your calendar does not show).

So yes, stupid programming, and it is insane that THS cannot fix such a little thing.

You were complaining that you couldn’t see your old reviews, so I was sharing a way you could see them. If you don’t care, shrug.

I presume you are referring to sitters looking at your profile when they apply? If so, the glitch where you don’t see all the reviews seems to be limited to the people looking at their own profile from within the site–I have seen this happening for years. The link that people actually see has never displayed this glitch in my experience.

I tend to do stuff more on the site than the app, and not sure if the HO profile is set up in a similar way, but this is my experience as a sitter. If I look at the ‘profile preview’ link that is directly on the dashboard --the one that is laid over your main profile picture --those reviews have always been accurate. This is a preview of the actual link people will see. But if I look at the ‘profile preview’ link that shows up when I actually go into the profile and have saved edits, that sometimes doesn’t show all reviews.

They wouldn’t need to do anything special to see the correct number of reviews. The link they see should be accurate.