My last four sitter reviews are not seen on my desktop but are on the app

I am not seeing my last four 5 star reviews when using my desktop but see them on the app.

So if the homeowner is reviewing my applications she will not see that I have had sits in the last year. Is this a permanent glitch. Is it affecting onlly desktop/laptops. Can I get it look at. I want my most recent sits visible. Thank you…

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Hi @trekker954 I will tag @Therese-Moderator who can check on it for you when she’s next online tomorrow. If you’d like me to see how it displays for me on the website and app, please direct message me a link to your sitter profile and I’ll get back to you by direct message.

Volunteer moderator :canada:

Thanks Peter. I just wanted to be assured the Homeowner reviewing my profile sees all my reviews especially that I have recent sits since all the shutdowns.

Hi @trekker954 thank you @Petermac Yes … there is a bug if you go to your drop down - profile and view your profile from there. It is in the queue for tech to fix. As Peter says, best to go to your green profile block and preview there, this is what homeowners see.
Best wishes

I had the exact same thing the last couple of weeks. Just got our 40th review - 40 shows next to our picture but only 18 actual reviews were showing. I sent a message here to @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and she sent me an email link to one of the THS technical departments. I was contacted the next day by a technician who explained I needed to refresh my browser, try a different browser, clear my cache… I did the first two and the glitch was sorted thankfully.

Just adding on here with a slightly different but related bug.
When I go to the app and look at my reviews the last sit still has the “request review” button under it, however she definitely left us a review. I can go online and see it.

Reviews are a form of currency in the housesitting world and I would hope it could be a priority to fix this for sitters.

Hi @CoolCatAunt I have had a look at both your profile on the App and the Web, and everything appears to be reflecting correctly now. I find, that sometimes a refresh to either the App and Web, can often help solve the problem.
However, If this continues, please always get in touch with membership services so they can help.
Best wishes