New glitch on app - Reviews?

I just saw this problem highlighted on another forum and checked our profile. Instead of 59 (or may more…lost count) reviews and references, the app says we have 3!!!

When you click in they are all there from what I can see. Its just the first view.

Anyone else seeing this issue? Samsung A70. App is up to date.

Urgent: reviews have been wiped—for all or many I do not know.

Please fix ASAP.



Yes. I must have just posted as you did. Mine show as 3 instead of 59/60. I’m presuming these are my references rather than reviews. The reviews are still there when I click in. Just not showing on the front profile page . I see they’ve merged our posts now

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@Timshazz You can also find threads about that on this forum.

It is a scary bug but it seems to only affect one’s own view. Using the web interface I see that you have 57 reviews (wow!).

The same when I use the app on iPhone.


@pietkuip good to know it’s only my view. Cheers for checking.

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@Timshazz I’ve got the same. 3 showing on profile but all are actually there when I go in. :person_shrugging:

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Same thing in the mobile view of our own listing. It shows 3 Reviews & References instead of 46. Yet when I click on those three, all of our reviews are still there.

Did a search on sitters for our area and clicked on our listing from there. The ‘outside view’ of our sitter listing does show 46.


@Breezylake phew! Well that’s good news then, I assume we all have this then, good on you for checking your own listing to confirm :raised_hands:

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Hello :wave: You can also find some more information here: Disappearing reviews issue under investigation
It is a bug and the tech team is working to fix it, thank you for your patience.


@smileyone yes it is. Only you see the lack of reviews apparently. So not as bad as it seems at first

great to know…thanks Tim!

One can always check one’s profile link, the kind of url that one can attach to one’s user name here. That should show references and reviews the way that others see them.

So not trustedhousesitters /user/profile/edit/profile-preview but the other one, the one that one can find when scrolling down on one’s dashboard page (which is also called “Preview”…).

I haven’t checked mine, but they must be showing, because a HO offered me a sit yesterday based on my application, profile and reviews only — no video or phone intw.

I just checked my reviews on the app.
All 38 are showing

Hello everyone.

We just wanted to now if someone has the same issue. Since a week all of our reviews were “gone”. So if you click on “Reviews” you can still see them all, but the number of reviews is gone. We have nearly 30 reviews but it look like now as we have 1.

Help ?

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I don’t use the app that much. I can see my reviews when I click on reviews but they don’t show on the profile page at all. Do HOs see the same profile page that I see on the app?

Apparently the see the correct number. See @pietkuip comment further up the thread.

Haven’t looked on the app. I’m seeing it on the website.

@Marion: Also on the website, there are two different views of your profile. One is without the calender accessible from your profile page, one with the calendar accessible from your dashboard (the one that also others can see).

Both of these are called “Preview” by THS.

Oh @Ben-ProductManager : why is this so?

@Timshazz We have exactly the same issue! Samsung A70 We have 77 reviews but on Edit & Review it states 3!! This App is constantly playing up. Its very annoying and unreliable @Ben-ProductManager please can you look into this?!

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