Review discrepancies in sitter profile

I noticed that the number of reviews I have don’t match on the website and app. Has anyone else seen that? One shows more than the other but since the app only shows sitters their last 20 reviews I can’t see where the problem might be.

Also, I did a sit in Tampa a few months ago. Now the hosts have moved and it shows that I did the sit in Philadelphia. System glitch or am I special?

I’ve noticed that as well. I’ve also noticed that when homeowners move, their location moves with them so I also have a few reviews showing in a location that is different from the location I actually did the sit.

@jcvbva The app counts reviews AND references whereas the website only counts reviews.
All of my reviews show on the app (and there are far more than 20). If you’re looking at previewing your profile, that’s when it might not show all of them.
Yes, when owners move to a different location, our review by them changes to that new location which is a nuisance.

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Hmm, even when taking the references into account the numbers still don’t match. I’ll reach out to support. Thank you.

@jcvbva when I check my app, and the website, I see all 22 of my sits, and 4 personal references. When I view your profile, I see 26 sits & the personal references. I wasn’t aware we could only view 20 past sits. We’ve also had 2 families move, and the new location pops up in our review. Hope you solve the issue in your end.

Of my reviews don’t show on the app. My last review says April but I did sirs in May and June

I noticed this some time ago- took me a while to realise the (higher) figure that shows on the app is a combo of reviews and references. I noted one sitter profile who had 50 reviews on the app and only 25 on the website but they also 25 references (mainly sits done before via other platforms). I think its strange there are so many descrepencies between the app & website- it would be very helpful if they were aligned.
In our case we have 3 different figures showing according to if you are looking at the app or the website…

  • Number of sits completed
  • Number of reviews received (3 are missing)
  • Number of reviews & references
    Gets confusing!

I would hope the app and web are using some of the same data. I think a piece of code in the app needs to be changed from reviews=sum(reviews+references) to reviews=sum(reviews).

After all, a reference isn’t a review and this is misleading to everyone,.


Of course you’re special, but not for this reason :wink:. I had the same thing happen - the sit was in Brooklyn and now it looks like I sat for those HOs in CA. Since then, I always list the location in my review “I has a wonderful time taking care of Fluffy in Lakewood, Dallas.” I list a specific location also to help future sitters because many HOs don’t say exactly where they live in a city and I always want to know before I apply.