Website differs from App

I wanted to mention and ask why the website differs in the actual information you see. For example on the website, my sitters profile shows 23 reviews. The THS app shows 30 reviews. I sent a private invite to this sitter and they accepted and I confirmed. The website shows the dates confirmed as no longer available in the sitters profile. But when you look at sitters profile via the app, the dates show as him as still being available. So things aren’t synchronized?


Hi @Trudzie and good to see you back in the forum. There are indeed several differences between the app and the desktop but the team are currently working on the app to improve synchronicity. It’s a little by little process but we’ve seen a lot of improvements over the past quarter.

I believe (from my own experience) that on the app it shows the total as reviews + references, whereas on the desktop it shows the figure as the reviews total only. The references are still there when you look but they are not in that total.

I’m not sure about your second point and I’ll tag @Therese-Moderator who maybe able to advise on this when back online Monday. It could be that the app takes longer to synchronize but I’m not 100% sure. She can also check my first answer.

There’s another thread that discusses the differences, although as mentioned updates are happening all the time so some may have already been rectified.

All the best, Vanessa and the team

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Hi @Trudzie I don’t know when you last tried viewing the app calendar, but it may have been fixed since you last checked. It was an issue and was reported. Recently I posted that the calendar was showing confirmed sits correctly. I checked mine but also some others and they showed confirmed sits.

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I just checked again and now the app has the dates. So just a delay in syncing.

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Well I found that the dates are now synced in the app. Just a few hours delay. So that’s good.
And yes I see the difference between the 23 reviews on web vs the 30 in the app. But then I discovered when I clicked on the 30 reviews in the app, it would only show me the 7 references and none of the 23 reviews!! All from 2019. Not even my own review of this sitter which I did in the app shows. It does on the webpage. What’s up with that? So the app is NOT a good tool when you want a complete view of a sitter. But you wouldn’t know that unless you had reason to look at the webpage too. I think I’ll stick with the webpage version as it seems to have less issues. The app sends you to the website anyway when you are doing the welcome guide (yes I know they’re working on that too) but I’m concerned that clients aren’t seeing all reviews when they use the app.

@Trudzie - I’ll check this more in the morning when I’m back online and feedback. Yes, quite a few of us use a mix of web and app. I tend to use the app for the on the go things… checking messages, sit searches etc., and the web for writing applications as I find that easier to manage on a “proper” keyboard. Thanks for your patience and I will look at the reviews tomorrow.

Hi @Trudzie Apologies for the lateness in my response.
@Vanessa-Admin is correct regarding the reviews and references showing as a total on the App and it is separated on the web.
We did have a bug on the App regarding the calendar not syncing with the webpage. I believe the fix has now been implemented, so everything should be appearing correctly.
Let me know if this doesn’t appear to be the case.
Kind regards


From the app I canot get new sits inbox to be able to communicate.

On the app if I touch:

INBOX on the bottom of the screen

and then CONFIRMED SITS or INBOX on the top of the screen,

I can access my conversations with my current sits. I’m not sure why, but two of mine are under Confirmed Sits and the third is under Inbox (top) but I’m certain it is also confirmed.

I can’t get new accepted sits

Is there a menu across the top of your phone that includes Confirmed Sits?

(I’m on an iPhone so I guess I can’t say whether it’s the same on an Android.)

First, you have to make sure you have touched/selected the word INBOX at the bottom, like this pic of the bottom of my screen.

Then you have to scroll (to the right/left) thru the top menu and choose CONFIRMED SITS.

Here’s a pic of the top of my screen, once I’m in the Inbox.

A confirmed HO set me a message. When I am on the app in the inbox, 2016,2017 is coming up but not this year.

But I’m just wondering which of the top menu items you are looking at when you’re in the inbox. Have you checked “Confirmed Sits”? And if it’s not there, have you scrolled to the right to find Inbox in the top menu? Take a look at the photos I posted to see what I mean.

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@grandma I am just checking that you managed to find the messages. As @Kelownagurl mentions, scroll on the top for the various inbox sections. (confirmed Sits would be one) Ultimately, everything will be in your official Inbox though.
To mention, if you press lightly on the ‘Inactive for now’ ones, then press Ok, this will archive your messages, so it is then perhaps easier to see all your active messages.
I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything further.
Kind regards

I understand what you are doing explaining but on my phone, thing doesn’t work.

Is it possible to post a screen shot so we see how far you get before you run into trouble?

@Grandma at the top notice how ‘My applications’ is a different colour. That’s what you’re viewing right now. next click on one of the ones to right of that and it will shift everything to the left and display more of what’s on the right. After ‘Confirmed sits’ (you can only see part of it right now) you’ll see “Inbox”. Tap on ‘Inbox’ and your inbox entries will display.

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