Listing dates in app vs site

Hi All - New here and just had our first listing go live yesterday. I am getting used to how to navigate to areas on the app vs the site and the differences. I’ve noticed some things are not viewed able to view on app vs site (like reading reviews on your sit profile) but currently struggling with listing dates. Most lag/buggies issues I have been able to resolve by closing the app (I even deleted and re-installed last night) but I have 4 dates on my published listing and they all 4 show on the site but only one date range shows on the app. I’ve waited and kept checking to see if they sync but 12+ hours later and nothing has changed. I’m hesitant to add the additional dates in the app because I’m worried it will view them as “new” dates. It’s a bit odd because I am starting to get applications for dates in my inbox in the app for the dates that are not showing in the app. Has anyone else run into this and have a solution? Thanks!

Tell us the location (city & state or county & country), and maybe the headline of your post so we can look it up

Hi @Vcatman
Just to let you know, that on the App … where it shows the first date, you need swipe to the right, you will then see all your other dates.

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