Recent change? Sits listed without available dates

I think this may be a recent change, but when I’m viewing the results of a search for sits, I’m seeing a list that includes lots of places that aren’t looking for sits during my selected dates. This might be ok if homeowners are flexible with their dates and looking for potential sitters to propose dates, but if that’s the case, it’s not clear, and they are all mixed together with the ones that do have active dates, which means that I have to scroll through a whole bunch of potentially irrelevant listings to find the ones that meet my search criteria.

I’d prefer that you list the ones with active dates first, and then the ones that might be open to suggestions.

Or, provide a selection to sort the list by date.


I was wondering about this development too. What’s with the search?

Hello @mhiland. A very warm welcome to the forum. I just did a few searches using the app on my phone (Android), and all the listings with dates showed first followed by those without dates. Same with a search on the website on my laptop.

Are you using the app or the website? Are you still experiencing this issue?

@toml are you experiencing it too? Are you seeing it on the app or the website?

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Intermittent - - here is a screen shot I just took - searched for Australia 13 May - 31 July. 1 sit on 2nd row, 1 on 3rd row don’t show dates.
When I open the sit - Central Coast dates are 10-15 Nov 2022
Buniyoung 6-10 Sept 2023

Hi Karen,

I’m using the website.

I’m also using the website and it’s the same story for nearly every sit.

Thanks @mhiland, @toml and @botvot. I’ve let our tech team know about this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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@mhiland @toml @botvot @Karen-Moderator - I think the listings without dates are those that are available but not within the dates that you have filtered.

It looks like a crafty way to make it look like there are more sits available than there really are now that all the sits that are available but are no longer available for sitters to see or apply to because they have reached the five-applicant ceiling

I hate to say it but the whole system has suddenly become at best, very confusing and, worse still, is now bordering on being extremely dubious!


These are not bugs they are intentional as mentioned by Ben under the now closed topic
(Time to cancel membership if you can’t search for sits)

“I want to reassure you that we are making improvements to search over the coming months. We will also be looking into the duration and pet filter issues”


@Colin I have removed all if my filters and favorites as they are useless at this point. I kept getting notifications for listings I can’t apply for. After I read Ben’s comment that they would be working on search for the next months I relized it probably won’t be usable for a while.
Ann Marie


@colin - date search is just buggy now. Some of the sits w/o dates have the ‘reviewing applications’ tag - others are for completely different dates. I’m still searching by date but wasting a lot of time looking at sits that really aren’t in the range. :-1:t6:

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This is exactly what it is. Each so-called improvement adds only more chaos to the already chaotic search system thereby making it even more stressful and time-consuming. Well done THS.


We have been house sitters for 6 months. It seems like something has changed on the app. I now notice that when I put in a city I will see some listings with dates and others without dates. It says to save the listing to be notified. Are these listings where the homeowner is still looking at the five applicants? Or are these just prior homes from the past. Thank you.

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@Ray, these are prior sits where owners are not looking for sitters. They would have “reviewing applications” on them if they had reached the 5 application pause stage.