Order of sits on the website

Can anyone help me understand how the order of sits are sorted on the website/app?

Sometimes I see those with a new tab, sometimes not. Sometimes I see an old listing suddenly reappear with a new tab, with no change to the listing/dates. Then there is the last minute tab too :face_with_spiral_eyes:. Who chooses what tab goes on a listing?

As a sitter, the first search criteria for me are the dates, then location, then breed.

Is there a way to re-sort in date order? If not can it be introduced?

What is the current sort criteria/algorithm? I do t know how far down the list I have to scroll to see all the new ones. I have the feeling the sort order changes.

What are other sitters preferences for sorting the sits?

As a full time sitter, I use 2 other sites which both sort in date order. If TH site change the sort order or even gave sort options, it would leap to the top of my favoured pet sit site list.

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Hello @Robert

Our main sort order is based on ‘new’ meaning the latest Sit being posted should be at the top of the search results.

However, Owners who are on a standard or premium tier can boost their listing once (per set of dates), which means it gets moved up the search and increases the visibility of the Sit.

Regarding the tags, the New tag appears as soon as a listing is published and disappears after 24 hours. The last-minute displays for any listing that starts less than 7 days from today’s date.

We are also testing a new sort order which is results based on Sits with low applications and we are looking at adding other sort options in the future.

Thanks, Ben


The order on the website (not app) has been completely off for the past few days. I see the same sits (maybe more) showing on page one every time I check.

I changed the default from Low Applications to Newest and only 5 out of 12 listings on the first page were new. Would it make more sense to show new and last minute sits as a priority? I use the website.

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Thanks @Ben-ProductManager for your clarity and detailed reply.

I understand the thinking of having an upselling feature, but from a sitters pov, it’s a nightmare to navigate through. Means sitters have to scroll through pages of sits each visit to the site, passing most we have seen before, to see any possibilities.

Lastly the saved search alert function doesn’t work. I get alerts for sits I’ve already seen and no alerts for new sits. Does give me any confidence in the site functions. I used to have a web development agency, so understand the complexities. Have the feeling it’s a bit of a Frankenstein where new features/code is added, it doesn’t talk well with the existing code/functions. Feels very clunking with lots of add ons.

I do have the feeling that the management is heavily scewed toward the HO pov. Only a HO can end an agreed sit, the information requirements and verification checks are much more focused on the Sitter. Feels a bit subservient, when we carry all the responsibility of the pets and home.

Perhaps someone on the executive/management team could think from a sitters perspective. Without whom the site doesn’t work. Should be 50/50.


Hi @Robert

We have always boosted listings to help Owners secure a Sitter. This behavior has not changed and would also highlight Sits that the Sitter might have missed at first glance. If you are looking for just new Sits then look out for the new tag.

I will look into the Saved Search function as we recently made a change here, where unpaused Sits (Sits potentially missed out on) are shown again in the Saved Search.

It is hard to hear that you believe we are not Sitter-focused :crying_cat_face:. I can assure you we are always working on Sitter projects.

Thanks, Ben

Hi @Ben-ProductManager and I don’t think the low application/newest search filter toggle is working correctly (on the website at least).
When I do a search on newest it comes up with 12 listings per page. Only 7 have the new tab. The first listing in Australia has been ‘sticking’ in first place for a few days. Some of the other house listings on the first page have no applicants but do not show the expected low applications tab.
I have done the same search today and the same Australian cat sit is ‘sticking’ in first place and only four of the twelve sits show as new when using the newest filter.
*** Is the low application tab still a test or is it now a permanent feature? ***

It seems that little on the search features is working consistently well. In addition to the concerns already mentioned the duration option certainly doesn’t work nor does the filter for types of pets. I am wondering when these issues are going to be resolved as it is incredibly time-wasting, as others have said, to have to scroll through whole pages of listings that do not match a sitters requirements.



is the search feature still being worked on or can expect that how it is now is the finished project? . There are some features that were removed that I’m hoping will return
Ann Marie

hello @ExploreDreamDiscover

We are still working on search improvements and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.

What features are you referring to that were removed?

Thanks, Ben

Previously you could search with dates for a country, or state, and see a list at the bottom showing cities or areas with sits and how many are available. It was accurate and you could see them on the map too. I search mostly on the website with my phone.

I have a saved search with my specific criteria, and get a daily notification.
New sits show up first.
I don’t have a problem with that.
But the results are painful to wade through.
On the website, they are not sorted either by date or by location (in Australia, that would be by State)
As Robert says, a sitter’s priorities would be Date > Location > Pet type.
If the sitter does the search, why are the results so out of tune with sitters’ needs?
Hoping for an improvement in this area.


Hi Ben,
One area TH does seem skewed is the way reviews and feedback work. Hosts (I can’t bring myself to use the new label!) can score sitters on five criteria, whereas sitters can only score hosts overall. Useful criteria would be ‘Accuracy of Listing’ ‘Communication’ 'Clean and Tidy Home and Comfort. Have you considered this? The only reason I can think of for this is favouring Hosts…


Hi @Sunshine_G

Agree and is something we will be looking at in the future.

Thanks for flagging.


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Hey Ben, not sure how else to contact you.

Last App Update has a bug in the search. In default general list of sits, only goes to 100, then the 100th sit I’d repeated 52 times. If you scroll fast in that section the screen goes white/blank. If you scroll slower, after 52 repeats of the same listing, you get other listings.

I’m using the android app.

We’ve had similar experiences with the app (but just didn’t count the number of repeats).

Hi @Robert and @Harris2. I’ve forwarded your comment to the tech team to look at. Thanks!


Same with me now on Android

Good to know. Thanks @Lassie.

I’m using the saved search facility a lot as I’m looking at specific dates. I’ve noticed some properties reappearing as new repeatedly. If I understand it right as a premium account they can boost once during set dates. What I’ve noticed is that the dates are ‘tweaked’ by a day or 2 either side, this appears to allow the HO to continually have their listing in the ‘new’ category. It’s a bit frustrating to have notifications switched on to then see the same properties come up repeatedly but with slightly different dates. Is this possible to monitor?