The Order of Pet Sit Listings

I am a Pet Sitter who uses the online version of THS, rather than the App.
During the past few days I have noticed that the order of the Pet Sit Listings have changed.
First to appear are those with “Low Applications” rather than the new more recent Sits.
Please revert back to the system of showing the Pet Sits in the date order that they were requested by the Home Owners as it is time consuming & laborious having to scroll through to get to see the new sits.
Unless of course, it it just me with this difficulty?

Hi @dma. THS have indeed changed the order of sits but you can filter it back to new sits by using the sort by and selecting ‘new’ in the drop down options in the filter options above the listings.

My husband and I were just saying this morning that it would almost be better if we could remove the ones we don’t want, rather than favoriting all the ones we like. When trying to narrow down options and keep track, it gets annoying.
Another feature that drives us crazy is that we can’t search for cats AND no pets. My husband has a dog allergy but no pets is an appealing option we want to see.


Thanks richten1. I am grateful, my query was easily resolved by you. I was thrown by the change in order & should have looked at the tab to re-set.

You’re welcome.