Chronological order dates

I’m trying to find a suitable housesit in the UK in early Dec but there doesn’t appear to be any order to the dates of house sits coming up. I’ve zero interest in 2024. Is there a more efficient way than trawling to find relevant dates

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I would definitely appreciate if the dates came in order as it’s such a waste of time looking up dates that could come up in any old order. 2024 for example is of no interest to me. I’ve only registered for forum now but is there any feedback from THS on this? It’s critical that dates be in order to not waste people’s time. It’s a paid site afterall.

When you are scrolling for sits, scroll back down and the option to add dates to your query will pop up in the upper right hand corner. Click the 3 lines and you can add a date range to your search.

Hiya and thank you. I put in the date range but dates outside this parameter still come up in all kinds of orders.
Thanks for your help anyway

Being able to sort listings by start date would be super helpful, especially for full time sitters like myself. I am surprised there isn’t this option–it is one of the most helpful ways to view sits since when one starts is one of the most important factors for considering whether to apply. It would also probably increase exposure of older listings that are waiting on more applicants.

An Australian site I am on does this - sits are listed in chronological order and it’s fantastic. So much easier than scrolling through all sits.


I am really wanting to see how others lives in sustainable and spiritual retreats or villages but don’t want to volunteer until I’ve seen how they live. Pets in a home are a safe place for me to visit these places nearby but the chronological thing is such an oversight I often just give up and look for an Air bnb. I think such a simple oversight is costing this platform, business.

Are you looking at the map or at the list view?

Because when I input the Dec 1-15 dates (as an example), I see at least 20 sits on the list in that time range (many are very short though).

Is there a filter for last minute sits? Maybe that could be a good starting point.

If you are interested in checking out how people live in a sustainable way, have you considered volunteering on workaway or wwoof?

Just a thought, but I use a laptop rather than the app, it’s much easier to view that way, as you visually see more in one go. Filter the date, village/town, and duration, and you’ll be able to glance much easier at dates that suit you best.

I know it’s not ideal that you can’t pop them into date order, but it’s much easier viewing that way.