Can we please have an option to sort search results & favorites by the sit's start date?

I love simply browsing listings and looking at people’s pics and descriptions of their cute pets, but if you are on a mission to find a match for your upcoming dates or simply prioritize sits starting sooner or whenever your current sit ends, it’s a nightmare as they show up all over the place by default. For example my current sit ends just before June 1 and there is no easy way to SORT BY the sits with the soonest upcoming start date (even if you use the “search by date” feature which was discussed in other posts, but I didn’t see any real detailed discussion there of how the search logic works - or doesn’t as the case may be, ha ha).

This seems like a really easy feature to add - have other sitters made similar requests in the past or would anyone else find it useful?

I am not quite clear on how “search by date” works but it seems like with a broader date range or longer timeframe, the results still come back as a disorganized mess especially if you use USA or a larger state like Texas as the location you’re searching. And if you do a shorter timeframe, like May 25-30, it seems to come back underinclusive.

The most important missing thing besides sorting is fuzziness - on Airbnb, you can choose either exact dates, or +/- 1-3 days on either end. So for example I could easily view all sits starting the day or the day after my current sit ends, and anywhere from just over the weekend to through the rest of the summer if I were searching on there.

If I were making a wish list, I would add filters like (1) sort by start date, (2) sort by distance from either your profile location, or your last/current sit if you are on one, (3) sort by duration - do any others come to mind for people who have been on this platform longer than me?

Does anyone know how on earth the “search by date” even works or how to hack it so that you can actually get useful results based on your other housesit dates? I am having a really hard time getting results where the dates fit relatively neatly with my existing dates or even give me a clear picture of how they might!


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