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Hello, I’m just wondering how many forum users are experiencing discrepancies between the app & the website? And whether or not the browser used affects the experience?

For example, I currently have no photos appearing on Chrome but do on Edge; password for this forum is recognised by Chrome but not Edge.
Messages which appear on website do not appear app for at least 18 hours; when I return to sits that I saved as Favourite in order to apply do not appear on the app but do on the website; a delay in notifications of new saved sits.
I have been told it must be my computer/phone but I have seen other reports from other members.

Maybe if we register problems here the tech team will have a clearer picture to attempt to correct the system.


Hi @ELNF - It is well known that there are many differences as to what can be done and seen on the App compared to the website. THS are aware of most already but it is always worth letting them know if you spot anything new.

It has been discussed at length here

@Colin That is true, however, it looks to me like all they do is blame my settings.
Nothing they have suggested makes a blind bit of difference

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It is frustrating when someone says it’s your settings, when really it’s a bug. Though I think people are always surprised how often “restart your device” fixes things.

Anyway, I agree in crowdsourcing. Let’s try to clarify the issues you’re seeing, and I’ll see if I can reproduce them on my end. People can learn from our attempts.

Are the issues below correct?

  • (photos don’t appear on Chrome)
    • (but they do on Edge)
    • (are you on a PC/Windows machine?)
  • (your TH forum password doesn’t work on Edge) (so you can’t log in?)
    • (but it works on Chrome)
  • (messages on the app take 18+ hours to appear compared to website)
    • (messages? like an HO replying to you about a sit application?)
  • (you save a sit as Favourite, but then you can’t see it on the app)
    • (are you saving the sit on the app, or on the website?)
  • (“a delay in notifications of new saved sits”)
    • (can you clarify?)
    • (we may need an HO to help us debug this :sweat_smile: )

FYI, I’m a new sitter running a Mac/iPhone, but I’ll help as I can. We should be able to make progress on most of these. =)

Hi @geoff.hom and thanks for helping ELNF with this. I can in the meantime provide feedback on messages not appearing on the app… this is a bug that’s been escalated so we will update on forum (I’ll bookmark here on this thread too) and we’re hoping for a quick fix on this.

The team are continually looking to align the web and the app and there have been a lot of updates this year, so we should maybe look at a review of the “App vs Website Differences” thread Colin mentions above to see what’s been changed. Will run that by the team for an update :slight_smile:


Hi, This post relates to the number of reviews featured on our profile on the website.
Under our heading it says we have 34 reviews. But only the first 20 of our reviews can be accessed. Can anyone explain this?
On the App you can access all 34 reviews.

@Silverfox - That happens to us sometimes but if I search for ourselves under ‘find a sitter’, all our reviews show.

As a side note, when I click on your profile name, our profile appears so I think the linking of your forum profile and THS listing is not quite correct

Hi @Silverfox,
When you preview your profile on the website, it does only show 20 reviews. This happens for us all. That’s just how it is! Perhaps @Therese-Moderator could explain this for you. However, rest assure that all your reviews will be seen by owners. As @Colin says, if you find yourself in Find a Sitter, you will see all those 34 reviews - well done! Just another discrepancy between the app and desktop!

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Thank you @Colin … I have tagged @Julie-Moderator @Therese-Moderator to check this link for @Silverfox as I also checked and couldn’t get this profile link to open either.

@Colin @temba @Samox24 @Therese-Moderator. Thanks for that. I’ve just clicked on the link on @silverfox and our profile was there. Not sure what’s happening

hi @Silverfox It was in preview mode, so you would have seen it fine, but no one else could.
I have fixed this now.

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Thank you.


@Colin and @temba are right, but if you have trouble finding yourself as a sitter with all the other Sydney sitters, you can just look at the non-preview link. I.e., the one that’s now in your forum profile thanks to @Therese-Moderator. That’s the link everyone else sees on the TH website.

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I am on a fabulous house-sit in an area I know well but on the way here (after catching the night boat from Hook of Holland to Harwich) I was dismayed to discover that I could not access the welcome guide and exact location via the app on my phone. The welcome guide on desktop does not have an option print as PDF and my printer at home was on the blink.

It was alright in the end as the owner kindly cut and paste the relevant info into a Whatsapp message, and besides I know this area well having grown up around here and knew roughly the location of the house, but had that not been the case I would have been in a right panic. I have now taken the precaution of ensuring all contact details provided by the owner + local help are added to my phone contacts as the app is as good as useless in that regard.

Surely the whole point of an app is being able to access information when you are away from your desktop? I wonder if other sitters have noticed this? Am I perhaps missing where to find the WG on the app?

I have had a similar panic on one of my first sits years ago. Ever since then, as soon as we agree to the sit we make contact outside the app either by WhatsApp, another app, or cell phone connections depending where they are in the world. I asked support to consider making the welcome guide more user friendly and allow shortcuts to Maps, or a at least “cut and paste” ability as well, but it seemed they did not understand why I was requesting this convenience. There are many ways the app could be more user friendly. I am so relieved you were able to find your sit. It is terrifying to know someone is counting on you and suddenly the app fails and you cannot reach them. I hope everyone who reads this takes precautions to not be in a similar predicament. Thank you for sharing!

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Hi @Jmcrae Thanks for replying and I am relieved to know I am not the only one. Because so many features here ‘ape’ Airbnb I assumed the THS app would be equally efficient. Seems to me companies are too hasty to launch apps and don’t think through their usefulness i.e how and when people actually need to use them

Hi @Tuppence I have forwarded to Membership Services to investigate … will update you.

HI @Tuppence

Only pet parents/owners can print welcome guides and the pet parents/owner have forwarded you just the Post Code.

Locating the Welcome Guide on the App can be a little “tricky” until you are familiar.

Once logged in click ‘Your Sits’ along the bottom, then click the main photo that appears on the listing - will then give you the option to click ‘WELCOME GUIDE’

I hope that helps if you need any further assistance the Membership Services Team will be happy to help.

Hi thank you. Yes I can see the WG now but I am sure it wasn’t there on Saturday. I travelled to house sit a day before dates stated on site. Could that be the reason?

Hi @Tuppence that wouldn’t (shouldn’t) have made any difference. As soon as the sit is confirmed the pet parent/owner has the option to share the guide with sitter, but they do not always do this right away. Once shared the pet parent/owner can also update the guide whenever they wish with extra info - the sitter will also be notified of any updates