Only 2 Reviews? Actually dozens!

We have dozens of reviews and yet - our profile says we have only TWO!
I know I’ve seen this discussed in other posts but seems it keeps coming up because the issue keeps surfacing.
Curious why it keeps happening & why it isn’t getting fixed!

Just remember it’s only you who is seeing that and not the owners. Find yourself in Find a Sitter and check it that way to confirm all your reviews are actually visible to owners @ASASG .


Because they cannot! The code is a ten-years-old unstructured undocumented mess that they do not dare touch.

Otherwise it should be easy for any computer kid to replace that url www trustedhousesitters com/user/profile/edit/profile-preview with the url of your profile.


Ah. Yes - that’s what shows on my “Preview” but I did manage to find our profile Find A Sitter and it displays the correct number.
Just a little unsettling.
Thanks for that.

Having spent many many years in high tech dev… you made me laugh.

There are two different ways to view your profile, at least from the computer. If you look at the ‘profile preview’ which you access by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ this is the actual link that HOs see on the site. That will be normal. If you choose to look at it by clicking ‘profile’ from the drop down menu, that is when you will see the incorrect number of reviews. This appears to be the same version that you see when you click on ‘me’ on the app, and then ‘view and edit profile.’

Not sure why it does that, but it is something I have noticed for years.

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KC1102 exactly opposite my experiences.
When I look at “Profile Preview” from my Dashboard that is where it said we have “`1” and currently that we have “2 Reviews.”
When I click “Profile,” I see the correct number of reviews.
When I do as Temba suggested above, search for our Profile via “Find A Sitter” then it does display correctly.

Interesting…that must be some sort of new glitch. For me I always noticed the opposite. But so long as the proper number of reviews are showing for people looking at the profile, that is all that really matters I guess.

Hello @ASASG There are a few threads on the forum discussing this so I wanted to help share with you one of those threads and the latest update.

@pietkuip I have seen you post an older article about the coding being from 2011 (I think that’s the date it said!)I checked this out and that article was from an external company, but we have had an internal team since then and there was a front-end rewrite in 2019. We also now have dedicated internal teams who are continuing to update, there are still some parts of old code being worked on, but that article is a little out of date, so I wanted to reassure you as you mentioned it a few times :slight_smile:

@Carla_C Good to hear that, but on this I think @Ben-ProductManager has direct knowledge and he wrote: Messaging & Applications - #66 by Ben-ProductManager

It should be incredibly easy to solve this longstanding and annoying problem: replace the generic url of the user profile with the specific url that is different for each user.

@pietkuip Happy to help, just to confirm Ben and the product team explained the above (my post) to me when I asked but as mentioned there is still some parts of old code - a work in progress! I will pass on that feedback about the URLs as well. Thank you :grin: