Profile showing only one review!

Hey everyone and happy weekend!

I have 14 five-star reviews from my sits here on TH (hurrah!). The full reviews all show on TH but the number next to the picture of myself on my profile has changed from 14 to 1!

As sitters have to scroll down to read the full reviews, I’m obviously concernered that pet parents will see that I have ‘one’ review by looking at my pic and then fail to read the 14 reviews as they will be put off! :neutral_face: Have contacted support for help via the chat but no agents online. Disappointing.

Has this happened to anyone else? How long did it take to fix?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Calvin happy weekend to you too. This is currently a known glitch and I have attached a thread below which you should find helpful. Just to reassure you it is only visible when you view your profile via the preview page on the app and does not affect owners seeing your full reviews.

but they don’t seem to have a clue what causes this. They certainly are not fixing it.

The obvious fix is that one’s own preview should not go to www trustedhousesitters com/user/profile/edit/profile-preview. It should be the same url as what other people see.

Hi @pietkuip I understand your thinking and hopefully once the new review system is up and running this will also fix this issue.

Quick follow-up question: I can see owners can read the full 14 reviews I have but do they also see the number’ 14’ or number ‘1’ next to the image? This is my main concern as I imagine many may not even scroll down to see the real number of reviews. I will try to check myself also. Thanks

Thanks @Samox24 Appreciate your fast response. :smiley: I haven’t checked the app version, but it also appears this way to me on the desktop version of TH, just in case others have this problem. I will try to view my profile as a potential pet parent to make sure it is showing the correct number. Hope TH can fix ASAP.

Have a lovely weekend :slight_smile:

Hi @Calvin you are very welcome and I hope you have a lovely weekend too :blush:

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Yes. This is as in my link (you can find yours by looking for yourself in your town):

This is on my private preview at www trustedhousesitters com/user/profile/edit/profile-preview

As I said, it is stupid that these are different. On one’s own preview, one also cannot see one’s calendar.

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