Disappearing reviews

Has anyone else lost some reviews on their profile? Two of our most recent ones have suddenly vanished. Have reported to support. Just wondered if it was a thread? They’ve gone from the app but can be seen on the website.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my reviews disappeared. However, a while back, a couple of my new reviews didn’t appear as expected. I reported this issue on the forum, and it turned out that even though I couldn’t see them, they were actually visible (to others) on my profile page. After a few weeks, everything returned to normal.
So called temporary glitch? :wink:

My last 6 years of reviews went missing from the app last week @Cuttlefish!! I removed the app then uploaded it again and they appeared. I wasn’t happy to see the first one showing as Jan 2018 but all good now!


I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the last few years of my reviews had disappeared. I have just checked again and they are still missing.
I suppose I should do what @temba has done but I am always wary of doing anything with THS as formats change and I may end up with less reviews!
I am seeing @temba on Wednesday so we can chat about it


I had the same fear, especially reading about all the issues forum members have been having with the app @Itchyfeet but decided to risk it. So far, so good!! Looking forward to seeing you Wednesday.


@Itchyfeet and @Cuttlefish you should email the support team as there are massive issues with the app that still haven’t been fixed for 3 weeks now. I can’t get any update out of THS sadly despite emailing them a couple of times.

@Ben-ProductManager could we please have an update, even if it’s that there is a major issue and you are working on a fix that will take a couple of weeks. Radio silence is the worst.


Yes, done that @Crookie & am going to try the uninstall, reinstall the app now and will report back @temba #watchthisspace

I just checked and on the App on our profile all reviews past May '22 have disappeared - but this may be different for anyone else looking at our profile - it’s so confusing!

Tried the uninstall and reinstall and still no reviews from sits in March/April/May/June 2023?? :flushed: App only. Website fine.

@Cuttlefish - I just checked your profile on the App, and all your reviews are visible to me.

It seems that they are only not available to see when sitters are looking at their own profile

Well that’s something I guess :joy::joy::joy:

I concur with you @Colin as I can see all reviews for @Cuttlefish and @Itchyfeet on the app.


Profile preview on the website used to show July 2022 as our latest review. Now that has been fixed so clicking Profile Preview will show all reviews including July 2023. On the other hand the app shows July 2022 as our last review. You win some, you lose some. :laughing:

I have noticed on the app recently, that all of my reviews from the last two years temporarily disappear. The most recent review shows as August 2021. I’ve done quite a few since then! A few hours later, they do seem to come back but then they disappear again. This pattern only started happening for me during the last week. I find it very strange. :thinking:

It is a known problem with the APP my latest one is 2019 not last week. It does show right to people looking for sitters, thank goodness. It happened on August 4th when the APP had some sort of update. I have removed and readded but it puts it right briefly but doesn’t last. The APP search isn’t working properly either, it freezes if you go into a photo of a sit. I have reported on August 4th but there is no fix as yet.

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I think I’ll screenshot my reviews just in case they disappear.


Doing this right now for ours !

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We too have all reviews missing since Feb 22 and have done over 50 sits since then. Like @Crookie we too have emailed support several times and received no update. The first time I wrote 2 weeks ago they said it might be a phone issue and asked for my make & model! And then no further update…
We also had the experience like @Chatsetchiens that we got all the reviews back briefly- on my phone at least but not the hubbys- and then they were gone again after 5 minutes.
Deleting & reinstalling the app does not help. Its reassuring to hear @Colin that all reviews appear to be visible to others. I hope that’s the same for us too.
However this app issue is particularly annoying right now as we just finished a sit yesterday and are on-the-road between sits. The finished sit is no longer showing on the app and there is no option to request a review.
And for the sit prior to that we got an email notification of a new review but could not access it on the app. Had to get the laptop up and running especially to read the review!
We depend on the app functioning properly as its far more convenient to use the phone rather than the laptop when constantly travelling.
I also noticed the ‘back button’- bottom right on the app- does not work either. On all my other apps it works fine so it seems to be yet another glitch on the app.
I think that fixing these issues should be taking more priority than it is currently as its obviously affecting a lot of members.

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For a very long time, I noticed that when I clicked on ‘profile’ from the drop down menu, the preview version almost always only showed my first 18 reviews. But when I went to the ‘dashboard’ and did a profile preview from there (which is your actual link on the site), they would all show as normal.

So the version of the profile where more recent reviews don’t show is not the one that a HO would see in the situation I observed.

When I just checked it again, the version of the profile that shows when I directly go to the ‘profile’ in the drop down is now exactly the same as the actual link.

For me, and I presume some of the other members, @KC1102, I am not checking it via my Profile on the app but clicking on Sitters as owners do, and that’s where I could see I was missing 6 years of reviews! However, all good now, after I re-installed the app … but for how long??