Sit not showing as completed

Does the homeowner need to “close” a sit. I mean is there something the homeowner needs to do to make a sit “complete”?

I completed a sit 4 days ago but it doesn’t show up as completed. I cannot review the homeowner and they haven’t provided a review for me.

Hi @Sheila did you confirm the sit via the platform once it was agreed before the sit commenced?

Once both parties are happy after eg a video call/phone call etc, a sit should then be confirmed prior to the sit commencing. The homeowner will send you a notification saying you have been chosen and there will be a confirm or decline button that you would need to have actioned. Once the sit is confirmed it would then show up on your dashboard and would tell you how many days till your sit starts when you go on and view it.

A sit must always be confirmed before commencing.

I have attached a link for your reference.

The day after a sit ends the homeowner will then be able to leave the sitter a review and the sitter will also be able to leave feedback for the homeowner.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did all that, just like my other 7 sits.

@Sheila , I don’t think there’s anything you or the HO have to do to “close” the sit.
The day after it is supposed to have been completed you should both be receiving pop-ups reminding you to review each other. If this isn’t happening, maybe you should drop a line to Membership Services:

Hi @Sheila I will tag @Angela_L to have a look at this for you

@Sheila :thinking:
Is it possible that the hosts membership expired mid sit and wasn’t renewed ?
That would prevent the host from writing a review for you , I don’t know if you would be able to write a review for them if this is the situation ?

Hi @Silversitters @Sheila For reference they can still leave a review as an expired member. Please see the attached thread

Hi @Sheila an update following my previous reply… please can you contact Membership Services, they can be contacted by email as @mars mentioned at and they will look in to this for you.

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Thanks everyone for the input. I actually contacted support a few days ago and didn’t really get anywhere. The agent wanted me to send my emails to “prove” the sit occurred? Can’t this be seen from the support side? I don’t understand how I can “prove” anything? Maybe I could send a photo of me and the two dogs? I’ll try to engage with support again.

@Sheila , just wondering if is this in the app ? Have you tried logging into the desktop not the app ? Another poster on this forum said their sit is not showing in the app.