Reviews from inactive members

Hi everyone,

We are currently on a 2 month house sit and the owner’s profile on THS has gone inactive since the start of the sit.

Will they still be able to leave a review if they decide not to renew their membership?

If not, that means we have a gap on our sitter’s profile which as you know doesn’t look good, especially for such a long sit.
Anybody knows or been in a similar situation?


We had a similar situation a few years ago and THS made it work for the HO to leave a review. They just had to ask.

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I would be careful here. If the HO has not renewed their membership then you may not be covered by THS HO’s Code of Conduct and Membership Services and other features

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@Els @Itchyfeet yes itchyfeet has a point and you might not be covered by THS insurance etc. I have had a few HOs let their membership lapse after my accepting a sit and wanting to deal by personal email which I prefer not to do as logged conversation through THS inbox at both ends provides a record of every thing said and agreed upon and if the sit goes ‘pear shape’ I might need that record to show that I have acted in a proper manner along the way. Its always a worry when HOs go down that track for me.


Fair pont. They’re coming back on Saturday, so hopefully things won’t go pear-shaped before that :grinning:


Hi @Els - just checked with membership services and yes, they can still leave a review. Here’s what Carla says…

“Yes they can still leave a review as an expired member. They should login and in the drop down menu under ‘renew’ they will see the review option and can leave a review as long as the sit was originally confirmed on the site.”

Of course the happiest outcome would be they carry on using house sitters :slight_smile: Where to next Els?


Thanks @Vanessa-ForumCMgr ! I’m pretty sure they’ll renew, but you never know :grinning:

Off to a 5 day house sit in another part of the Dordogne on Sunday & then family visits/house sitting in Northern Ireland & Belgium before heading to Portugal.
Hope you new home renovations are going well?

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Some lovely summer travels ahead … have a lovely time! We haven’t made it much beyond the garden… I am cooking my first ever home grown cauliflower tonight though :heart_eyes: