Homeowner has since gone off TH

I booked a pet sit 4 months ago which I just now completed. The HO has since gone off TH, so their profile is not active. My question is, how do I get a review from them and leave them a review. It was a really great sit and I would like to have and leave feedback!

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@ChristineH You will still be able to leave feedback and receive a Review from a HO who is inactive. I would assume you have a private number for them. Contact them and ask them to log onto their account and the Review section is available on their inactive account, for them to leave you a review. They will only be able to read your feedback once they active members, but your Review will appear on your profile. I hope this helps.


Hi @ChristineH a very warm welcome to our community forum and it’s great that you have help with your question from @Therese-MembershipService … do you have other sits to look forward to? Would be wonderful to know more about your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Take a time to look around, there’s some great information and conversations happening enjoy connecting with members from around the world.

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