Lack of HO leaving reviews

I have completed over 45 sits now and have noticed a change over the last few in that home owners are not leaving reviews. I left feedback and requested a review on site and via WhatsApp and they’ve not been bothered to give it.

These are HO who were ‘delighted’ when the got home, sent a WhatsApp that if it had been the review I’d have been very happy. They’ve both times asked me if I’d return so it’s not that they are unhappy. Nothing was broken or damaged, the houses were cleaner than they left.

It’s really annoying and frustrating, do I now not leave feedback for people incase I don’t get a review. I’m lowering myself to their level. I took the time to travel to the sit, care for pets, home and garden, as all have included extra tasks than just caring for pets. I’ve ensured communication during the time of holiday and left houses spotless. All I ask is a review is left. These are also non-working woman so life can’t be so busy they can’t take 2 minutes to write one

It’s very disappointing and disrespectful.

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Did they write reviews for other sitters?

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Are they new members, who don’t realise how important it is to sitters to get reviews?

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Can you draft something and ask them to post it? I know it’s lame but it’s better than nothing. Alternatively just keep reminding them and explain it’s the only “currency” unpaid sitters work for! :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:

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Have you asked them to do a review? Maybe it shouldn’t be necessary to ask but I’m afraid we live in ‘modern’ times and some people are not as aware as others how one should behave! Ask them to do one!

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They have done. I don’t know how they would think I’d return if they didn’t take the time to thank me on site!

I have sent my 4th request this morning, I am just learning to have no shame and will continue to ask on a weekly basis! I certainly won’t be returning on their next holiday! You are right though, people don’t know how to behave any more.

I have had so many excerllent reviews that5 I just do not worry now if the odd home owner does not leave one. Recently I recieved a lovely text message with owner stating they would leave me an exzcellent review etc. then nothing. Sometime I believe people just lead busy lives and simply have other things on their minds. I never bother chasing up, especially multiple times, as I think that would only generate a negative review for pestering so often. You do not know what their situation may be? Could be sick relative, pet or a bereavemtn etc. The last thing they would want, is to be pestered for a review. And nobody has ever queried why a missing review at all. They have simply offered me a sit on all the lovely reviews thet they have read. It really is not worth getting stressed over.

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@Stmarys - I have experienced homeowners who think they left a review for their sitter but it turned out they had left a review on Trustpilot instead.


It’s not a race to the bottom. Why change the good person you are? It can be hard to brush it off when you do a great job and the HO doesn’t recognize it with a public review (or vice versa); however, if you can release that, leave your review, and stay true to who you are, you and the whole world will be in a better place.

At 45 sits I’m not sure how much more currency this sitter really needs.

HOs can’t see missing reviews for sitters. A sitter can see missing reviews on their own profile, but no one else can. An unreviewed sit only hurts HOs.


Thank you, that’s appreciated, I do need to stop stressing about it.


Then as Elsa so finely put it @meow, it’s time to Let it Go :notes::musical_note::microphone::notes:

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Hi @Stmarys and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum and I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulty obtaining a review. When you have sent the WhatsApp messages can you see whether the messages you sent them have been read?

Also, for reference, as a member you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link, should you wish. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback.

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush: